Wednesday, 26 January 2022

How Technology has Revolutionized the Gambling Industry

Technological advancements have had major impacts on industries around the world. The gambling industry is no exception. This post will focus on all the ways technology has changed gambling for the good. 

Thanks to high-end smartphones and portable devices, casinos are more accessible than ever. With all the factors integrated into the fast-growing industry, which do you think is the biggest contributor to three ever-growing popularity of the gambling industry? 

Let us show you the top technical influencers to help you decide. 

Introduction of Smartphones and Devices 

It all started here. The high-end devices we have access to now make it possible to experience the casino environment online. Since the digital era has begun, the gambling industry has recorded a 70% growth rate (in 2012). Now more than 160 million bettors place their bets online through their mobile phones or smart devices. 

The introduction of these devices limited the need to visit physical casinos to enjoy the gambling experience. 

Online Casinos 

The gambling industry has modified its approach to moneymaking. From traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, the focus has now shifted to online casinos. Because of their technological achievements, online casinos continue to see massive improvements. 

Now gamers can enjoy hundreds of casino games without leaving their homes. With the fabulous graphics and highly engaging user interfaces, the world of gambling is now easily accessible.
Virtual Reality Gambling 

A big reason why people visit land-based casinos is to physically hold items like cards, roll the dice, exchange chips while playing poker, and interact with other players. This was the only limitation of online casinos. However, with the improvements in Virtual Reality (VR) the gaming experience is better than ever. You can grab items like chips and dice while interacting with fellow players. 

Marketing Strategy 

Without any doubt, digital marketing is booming. Strategies like search engine optimization, keyword optimization, and social media marketing have the potential of driving more traffic towards online casinos. Although the marketing and gambling industries are different, they are correlated. 

The gambling industry has for a long time now found it difficult to market their business due to the restrictions on publishing advertisements related to betting. But the online marketing tools have made it easier for casinos to market their efforts. 

Technology has made it very convenient to place bets. All of the technological advancements mentioned above have significantly revolutionized the gambling industry. Now that you know what they are, which one do you think has had the biggest impact so far?

Monday, 24 January 2022

A Complete Guide to Online Gambling

Did you just hop on to the online gambling bandwagon? 

Welcome aboard! 

The tips we’ve listed in this post are enough to form a steady base for beginners to wager online. So, let’s get you ready to roll with the ultimate online gambling guide. 

Choose a Reputed Casino 

Gambling online is a lot safer now than it was a decade ago thanks to the stricter regulations. However, there are still some fake casinos that you should avoid at all costs. All casinos have a wide assortment of games to bet on, but does the one you are looking at offer assured payouts? 

How can you know? 

For starters, it’s 2020. There are several online chat forums where existing players come together, join, and see if the casino is worth your time and money. Check for reviews from players if things don’t add up–find a different casino. Find a casino where you can enjoy gambling rather than a sketchy one that offers deposits but not withdrawals. Go for the bigger, more reputed online casinos in the industry to avoid being cheated on. 

Also, some casinos are popular but for the wrong reasons. Longer processing times, poor customer service, slow servers, and so on. Steer clear of such online casinos to have an optimum gambling experience. 

Does the Casino Support Your Preferred Payment Mode? 

Found a reliable casino? 


Does it support the payment option you’re looking for?

Check it beforehand to prevent any problems during payout. Look at the payment options the casino lets you use to: 

Withdraw winnings 

Make deposits 

You'll need to be able to deposit and withdraw your money most conveniently. Make sure you can deposit and then successfully withdraw your winnings. Typically, casinos offer the option of using credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets to move funds around. While you’re at it, also check the withdrawal times and the pending times. Nobody likes to wait a few days (or weeks!) to get their winnings. 

Look for Great Welcome Bonuses and Promotions 

While a welcome bonus should not be the sole reason to pick a casino online, it is a considerable factor. Welcome bonuses are designed to rope in players, so most online casinos will offer one. However, don’t fall for the attractive bonuses and promotions. They can be misleading. 

But if you've double-checked the authenticity of an online casino and are sure that it's legit, go for it. In such cases, welcome bonuses add to your online gambling experience. Look for regular bonuses and welcome bonus offers. We recommend gambling in the casinos that offer good promotions and bonuses. But, if the casino has no reviews or bad reviews in addition to the deals, it is best to look for another one. 

Pick Your Battles (or Casino Games!) 

Another important factor to consider is the games you’ll bet on. If you’re a serious gambler and want to hit the jackpot, you’ll need to focus on the game you play. Let’s assume you’re interested in poker. Stick to it, be the best at one game and you’ll win more often. If you try your hand at different games, that’s alright too. But don’t expect a lot of luck while trying different games.

Friday, 21 January 2022

What Are the Most Popular Gaming Destinations in the UK

Brits casino players have access to many online casinos and land-based casinos, where they can put money. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting challenge. For that case, we have put together a list of the top 5 gambling avenues in the UK. 

Park Lane Casino 

Park Lane Casino, which is located on the exclusive Park Lane, offers an elegant setting for high-rollers to gamble. What You Will Enjoy: 

  • £1,000 membership fee. 
  • Provides both outdoor areas and private rooms for the ultimate gambling experience. 
  • Jewel of Mayfair, a fantastic restaurant in the Park Lane Casino, where you'll be able to sample delectable cuisine from around the world. 
  • Dreams Bar, which serves expensive, but fine wines and whiskies 
Aspers Stratford 

Aspers Stratford, the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Europe, has been thriving since the 2012 Olympics. 

This place has all sorts of games you would expect to find at a casino. One thing about Aspers Stratford is that they have the best reputation for poker. 

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • Many huge tournaments are played in Aspers Stratford every month. 
  • Monthly slot tournament, which is suitable for avid players of slots. 
  • A huge cinema hall nearby
  • Bars and restaurants within a walking distance.

Genting Casino Fountain Park 

If you are a resident of Edinburgh then, Genting Casino Fountain Park is the place to be. 

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • A huge range of classic table games such as blackjack tables, four baccarat tables, six roulette tables, and many more. 
  • Fantastic poker tournaments
  • The award-winning five-star Fahrenheit restaurant offers unique packages that incorporate the best of both worlds. 

Les Croupiers Casino 

Les Croupiers, the oldest casino in Wales, offers players from Cardiff and the neighboring towns the chance to play a fantastic game.

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • A variety of table games such as blackjack, roulette, and three-card pokers. 
  • A multitude of different slot machines. 
  • There is a spacious poker room that’s capable of accommodating 200 people. 

Rainbow Casino 

Rainbow Casino is one of the fantastic Resorts with a youthful vibe. The best thing about Rainbow Casino is that it provides free entry and therefore, you can save more money for gambling! 

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • Several table games 
  • A multitude of different slot machines
  • Apart from gambling, there's also an opportunity of enjoying delicious meals at Clarendon Restaurant. 
These are the places for you to head to when you are looking for a gambling getaway in the UK.

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Can You Play Blackjack in the US?

Is it Legal to Play Online Blackjack in the US? This is the most commonly misunderstood question among casino players. Yes, it safe to play blackjack online for real money. New York has been offering live blackjack at tribal casinos since 1993. 

While, in some states, playing online blackjack is declared illegal, prosecution of the culprits would be extremely rare. 

To help you rule out this misunderstanding, let’s bring things out into the open by clarifying the following myths. 

Online Blackjack is Not Prohibited in any Way 

While there exists a law that prohibits banks from knowingly accepting transactions that are a result of an illegal online bet. This law does not, however, define whether it is illegal for a player to participate in gambling online. 

Misinterpretation of the Federal Wire Act 

The Federal Wire Act legalizes all forms of sports betting. However, there is confusion about whether the law applies to online blackjack, as it is a different form of gambling. 

There No Specific Laws Which Apply to Online Gambling 

There is this common phrase that goes, “if it is not prohibited, then it is legal”. This means that online gambling is considered legal. 

Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are the only three states where online gambling is legalized. You stand almost no chance of being busted in these states for playing blackjack online. 

On the other hand, some states have passed stringent laws, prohibiting online gambling. They include: 

  • South Dakota 
  • Washington 
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana 
  • Nevada 
  • Oregon 
  • Louisiana 
  • Montana
  • Wisconsin 
Recommended: If you are still in doubt about these laws, you should consider playing real money online blackjack at land-based casinos. 

The UIGEA has Limited Money Deposit and Withdraw from Casinos 

Money transfer methods such as PayPal and Moneybookers do not work for Americans engaging in online gaming. US players are advised to avoid these methods at all costs. 

Recommended: If you are planning to play blackjack online in the US, we recommend you use the following methods of money transfer: debit cards, checks, automated clearinghouse, and direct bank wire transfer. Bitcoin will do much better. 

Seek Legal Advice 

Before you can engage in any blackjack online gambling, it is always recommended to consult a legal professional on matters on online games in the US. This will save you from the wrong side of the law.

Friday, 7 January 2022

The Evolution of Gambling in the US

When you look at the gambling scene in the US, you'll notice that most states don't encourage it. In some provinces, it is also illegal to gamble. With such tight rules and regulations surrounding it, how did the Americans start gambling in the first place? 

Makes one wonder, right? 

We’ll tell you an interesting fact. Gambling has been around for millenniums now! 

And we aren’t talking about the US exclusively. It has been a popular leisure activity in every culture. Our main goal with this post is to shine a light on the existence of gambling throughout different eras. 

History of Gambling in the United States 

The Ancient Times (2000 BC) Not many people know this, but the history of gambling dates to 2000 BC. It’s not something that was discovered recently, it has been around for centuries now. Encyclopedia Britannica reveals that in ancient tombs in North and South America loaded dice were discovered by archaeologists. Now if you're familiar with gambling, you'll know what loaded dice are. For those who don't know, these dice are weighted to make a number pop-up more often when you play any game of chance. 

Dice are probably the oldest gambling equipment. In those days, they were carved from sheep bones and popularly called knucklebones. They are a part of many cultures and are mentioned in several ancient scripts. One example would be in the Mahabharata, which is an ancient Indian philosophy text written over 2500 years ago. Also, in the New Testament of the Bible, the Roman soldiers throw dice to decide who gets the robe of Jesus. Interestingly, roman bone dice have been found and dated to the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. 

The Middle Ages 

Native Americans enjoyed playing games of chance during tribal ceremonies. This was hundreds of years before the colonization of North America. One of the most common games (that we know of) involved tossing five stones or bones with different markings into a bowl/basket. They placed wagers before the game started and the results were declared based on the combinations. 

During the Great Awakening, the Evangelical Christians pronounced gambling as a sin and dangerous to society. Since then, there has been hesitation amongst individuals towards gambling. In October 1774, it was stated that the colonists will discourage any type of gambling especially betting on horse races and cockfights. 

In the 19th century, however, gambling was tolerated until it upset the social order. Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina passed laws to prevent gambling from getting out of hand. By the end of the 19th century, gambling was highly disregarded. 

The 20th Century to the Present 

In the twentieth century, the only legal gambling options were horse races in Maryland and Kentucky. There were a few isolated card clubs but most of the American states had issued laws against gambling. It wasn’t until the 1930s that many states legalized betting on horse races and charitable gambling. 

In 1931, Nevada took this a step further and legalized casino gambling. However, during the end of the Prohibition Era, the crime syndicates shifted their attention towards gambling. After that, gambling restrictions were slowly raised. Now, most states have legalized gambling in casinos. In recent years, attention has shifted to online casinos bringing together two significant industries–gambling and technology.

5 Intriguing Facts about Religion and Gambling

Since the dawn of civilization, religion has long been used as a means to create and keep moral order in society. For instance, religion has been used to condone evil activities such as killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct, and greed. 

What about gambling? Well, this article has tried to shed some light on this matter, and here are five interesting facts about religion, and gambling. 

Gambling and Christianity 

Although not much has been said about gambling in the Bible and its many versions, however, there’s only one incident where Jesus got angry after he busted his followers in the temple, trying to engage themselves in gambling, smuggling, and bribery. 

To add to this, the Bible talks about being greed and how people should be contented with whatever they have. 

Nowadays, different denominations view gambling in different perceptions. 

According to the Catholic Church that there is no moral impediment to gambling as long as the activity is fair to both parties. On the other hand, the Orthodox and Lutheran churches firmly condemn all forms of gambling including raffles and bingo aimed at a charity. Fortunately, the Orthodox Church doesn’t blame the players. 

Gambling and Islam 

Being the second-largest religion, Islam strictly opposes all forms of gambling (haram). However, two acceptable forms of gambling were mentioned by Muhammad in the Sunan Abu Dawud. These were making wagers on arrow shooting and camel or horse racing. The two forms were condoned because they helped Muslim armies to hone their craft and strength. 

Luckily enough, you can still enjoy online gambling in some Arabic countries such as Pakistan. 

Gambling and Hinduism

According to ‘Manusmriti’, gambling, drinking, unlawful women, and hunting are regarded as being the worst sins a person can commit. 

Though most forms of gambling today are illegal in India, however, gamblers believe that good Karma is responsible for successful gambling. So, before you can embark on gambling, try a few mantras to worship Lakshmi and see if it works. 

Gambling and Buddhism 

Being more of a philosophy than a religion, Buddhism tolerates gambling, but it warns against addictive gambling. 

Gambling and Judaism 

According to Judaism, gambling is considered to be a sin because it doesn’t contribute any value to the community. Gambling also makes people abandon their responsibilities. Also, money won from gambling is termed as stolen property. 


Even if different religions are championing against gambling. This is something we should not worry about as long as we respect the rules of fair play and the others, spend our time with friends and families, and socialize.

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Compelling Reasons to Avoid Gambling at Night

Most casino players are addicted to gambling at night, simply because, that’s the only time they are free or that’s the time they enjoy their drinks with some cool music. But for sure, you should be aware that gambling at night is just a bad habit and you should stop it immediately. For that case, we have come up with substantial reasons why you should avoid gambling at night and consider gambling during the day for a better casino experience! Let’s go through them. 

You will be Tempted to Drink 

One of the biggest problems with gambling at night is that you’re likely going to find yourself taking a few bottles of alcohol. And since gambling and drinking don’t mix, here are some of the cons of gambling while drunk: 

  • You’ll get more inebriated than you intended to, and you’ll find yourself making bets you wouldn’t while sober. 
  • You won’t be paying close attention to the game. 
It is advisable to gamble during the day because, you’re going to be much less likely to drink and so, your mind is going to be as sharp as it should be, and you’re going to make better decisions for a profitable bet. 

Your Skills and Reactions Are Dampened at Night 

Gambling in the evening when you’re tired after a long day at work is a bad idea. This means that your reactions and skills aren’t going to be where they need to be. And therefore, you may end up losing some obvious bets you could have won. 

You’ll Be Tempted to Stay up to Late 

If you’re gambling at night time, you are likely to stay up to midnight hours or even up to dawn. Several things can happen when you decide to stay up late hours. 

  • Since you’ve had a couple of drinks, you might find yourself unable to drive yourself back home. 
  • Staying up too late can cause you problems with your spouse, as she will suspect you of cheating. 
  • By staying up too late, you may end up having an empty wallet or pulling money out of the ATM to keep playing.
  • You will be forced to pay for a room or accommodation 

You Will Spend More on the Meals in the Evening 

Casinos are known for having high-quality restaurants. These restaurants serve delicious, but expensive meals. Your bank account might be hit harder if you are the one settling the bills for your friends. 

Final Verdict 

While most gamblers across the world prefer playing at night, this is not probably the best time to gamble in terms of clarity and strategy. You need to consider playing only during the day.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

What does it Cost to Own a casino?

Opening an online casino is one of the most lucrative business ideas many people have thought about. Since every business set up requires a good plan to succeed, the online casino is no different. 

Apart from how much it will cost you to open an online casino business, there several other factors to consider before venturing into this promising business. 

Let’s find out. 

Registration of a Legal Entity 

You need a legal entity to open a bank account. You then need it to get the license and then start with transactions with your vendors. 

Website and Application Creation 

For any online casino business to be successful, it needs a professionally built website where players can interact with customer support via mobile applications. The following are the elements of a great online casino website: 
  • Registration and profile management
  • Payment system
  • Customer support
  • Safety. Bonuses
  • Affiliate Payments
Salary and Maintenance 

For your online casino business to work efficiently and smoothly, you will need to employ a team of professionals such as: 
  • IT specialists and anti-fraud specialist 
  • General and affiliate manager 
  • Designer and web developers 
  • Specialist in payment systems 
  • Accountant and bookkeeper
  • Content manager and copywriters
Marketing and Promotion

Of course, you will need to pay affiliates who bring in high amounts of traffic. Besides, you will also spend quite large amounts on sponsoring sports teams and events. 

Jurisdiction and License Fee 

A license lets you host the servers on your online casino business in the respective country that issued it. Without a license, you will not be able to post anything because internet gambling may be prohibited in the selected country. 

Reserve for Payments to Players 

Reserve for payments to players refers to the amount you need to put in the bank to guarantee payments to the winners in your casino. Reserve for players should be kept in a special bank account, and it should not be used to cater to operating costs including, tax payments, operating expenses, dividends, and many more. 

Final Thoughts 

Opening an online casino business is not a walk in the park. This is a business for billionaires, and not for the faint-hearted or small business persons. It is important to do some research to understand the risks before you embark on setting up your online casino business.

Friday, 31 December 2021

10 Reasons Why Gambling Online is Better than Gambling in Person

The question of whether Gambling Online is better than Gambling in Person is undebatable. Nowadays, the majority of gamblers are opting to stay at home rather than visit a land-based casino simply because of how practical online sites are. 

While online casinos are thought to be superior to their land-based counterparts, traditional casinos such as brick and mortar casinos should not be overlooked. 

As online casinos continue to evolve to provide gamblers with everything they can get, live casinos are more becoming better. 

In this article, we’ll focus on why gambling online is better than gambling in person. 

You Can Play From Anywhere Online 

With online casinos, you can gamble at the comfort of your home, couch, or car. You don’t have to take a trip to attend a casino venue. 

To gamble online, you only need a compatible device such as a cellphone, tablet, or laptop with a stable internet or Wi-Fi connection. 

Online Casinos are Safer 

Online casinos are ideal in this pandemic period because you can rarely pick up flu such as COVID -19 virus. There’s no personal interaction with online gambling. 

Similarly, land-based casinos are prone to thieves and muggers who roam around in search of easy prey. Therefore, there are high chances of being mugged all your hard-earned cash at land-based casinos. 

Online sites also protect you from theft by safeguarding all your user information with SSL encryption. 

A variety of Casinos to Choose From 

There are nearly unlimited casino games available online. Instead of traveling across the city to look for your favorite game, online casinos allow you to browse a list of games and choose whichever one lets you relieve your current craving.  

No Hidden Costs with Online Gambling 

Gambling online helps you to save the money you could have spent on snacks, drinks, and travel costs, at the land-based casinos. 

Special Offers and Bonuses 

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos offer a bonus for deposits, referrals, free bets, free credits, free spin bonuses, and more. 

Convenience and Comfort 

Comfort and convenience are some of the best things online casinos offer to the players. Online casinos let you play favorite casino games anytime and from anywhere. 


With online gambling, you have full control over your game, as you can pause the game and replay later. 

While also waiting for the game to load on your device, you can engage in other activities such as taking breakfast or ironing. 

Live Gambling 

Playing live games like virtual reality casinos gives you the same actual casino-like experience you could have gotten while playing in brick and mortar casinos. 

No Dressing Style or Etiquette Is Needed 

While it’s a good idea to clad dress up very well when visiting a physical casino. In online gambling, there are no players who can see you and so, you can still play and win while wearing a pajama or bikini. 

Gambling At Any Time of the Day 

Even though most land-based casinos are open during the day, it’s however, a bit inconvenient to some people who spend the better part of the day at their workplaces. So, the online casino is the best alternative for such individuals with busy schedules. 

Final Thoughts 

With these outstanding advantages, there is no denying that online casinos are thwarting land-based casinos. The decision is yours to kiss those land-based gambling nightmares goodbye and focus on making money with online gambling.

Sunday, 26 December 2021

The Future of Casinos with Robots

There’s no doubt that they’re taking over the workforce. Today, most factories and warehouses are operated by bots. 

It has been reported that by 2030, another 20 million jobs will be replaced by Bots. The gambling industry has not been spared as robots are nowadays running gambling establishments. In this article, we have discussed some of the roles of robots in casinos. 

Drink Monitoring 

Some casinos have incorporated drink monitoring systems to determine who should get free drinks. 

AI in Poker 

If you poker is your favorite game, then you should watch out as Scientists are working around the clock to incorporate Al in poker. With Al, robots could predict a player’s next move, as well as count the odds. 

eSports and Video Games 

eSports is a competitive gaming arena where professionals battle it out in a live gaming session. 


It is like casino workers such as dealers, Cocktail waitresses, and bartenders are becoming irrelevant. For example, Encore Boston Harbor has replaced some bartenders with “EasyBar” self-service towers to help customers get beverages faster. 

The bartender’s permission is not required for the waitress to serve you drinks. Customers also do not need to wait up to an hour for drinks either. 

Tipsy Robot bar in Las Vegas uses robots to mix drinks and serve customers. At Pechanga Resort and Casino in California, surveillance robots have been used to beef up security 24/7. 

Comp Monitoring 

Many casinos are today using chips with RFID technology to monitor customers’ betting habits and track rewards. Besides, RFID chips are used to identify cheaters or gamblers who use unorthodox ways to gain an advantage over others. 

Future Roles That Bots Could Play in Casinos 

Food Preparation: Casino restaurants will be using bots to perform some menial tasks such as serving coffee, preparing sandwiches, and flipping burgers. 

Hospitality: MGM Resorts use bots to deliver towels, toothbrushes, and other items to guests upon request. 


Casino corporations will adopt self-driving cars like Tesla to ferry customers to their properties. 

Robot Dealers: 

There will be certain games like blackjack and roulette where more casinos will start with bot dealers. 


No matter how fast and efficient robots may seem to be, they will not replace all the human workforce in the casinos. They also need a helping hand from a human. To add to this, no robot can ever replace human interaction.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

10 Signs it’s Time to Call It Quits at the Casino

Almost everyone goes into the casinos with the main goal of walking out with more money in their pocket as well as having as much fun as possible. 

However, this can be the opposite. Gambling can become a lifetime problem in your relationship and can put a big hole in your pocket. 

Here are the 10 signs that you’ve got a gambling problem and you should call it to quit. 

You Start to Gamble with Emotions 

While casino gambling is all about entertainment, addicts might experience certain emotions such as remorse or guilt after gambling, an urge to celebrate an unrelated event by gambling, or feel irritated when you try to stop gambling. 

You Start Gambling With Money Set Aside Other Expenses 

If you find yourself gambling with the money set aside for daily expenses, call it quits. Every gambler has a bankroll, and they should gamble with only that money. 

You Prioritize Gambling Over More Important Things 

If you find yourself missing time at work or skipping your child’s function to hit the casino, then it’s a serious warning sign of problem gambling. 

You go to extremes to Fund Your Casino Bankroll 

Gambling addicts won’t stop gambling even when their pockets and bank accounts run dry. To keep funding their gambling habits, they will resort to borrowing and other criminal activities such as theft and forgery. 

You Start Chasing Losses 

It is quite common among most gamblers to place higher bets when they start losing money. They end up losing whatever little they had won so far. 

You’re Constantly Waiting For Free Drinks 

In most cases, casinos normally keep the booze flowing by offering free drinks to gamblers. If you find yourself always scavenging for free drinks, then gambling is not on your part. 

You Can’t Stop 

Gambling addicts will find themselves constantly wagering, even if they try to quit. 

You Lose Your Allotted Bankroll

It is a bad idea to make several trips to the ATMs after your casino bankroll has run dry. It’s advisable to stick to the budget. 

You Surpass Your Gambling Time 

Many responsible gamblers will set time limits and stick to it. However, gambling addicts will spend all their time loitering around the casino house. 

Your Bets Go Beyond Entertainment 

Responsible gamblers normally play for fun as well as to increase their earnings. However, gambling addicts will place their bets for other reasons such as to escape anxiety. 


If you or your loved one is experiencing any of the signs discussed on this page, it might be time to seek guidance from a health professional.

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Fundamentals of Calling Pre Flop Ranges

One can easily assess the love for online poker among people by searching for play poker online, which shows up a huge list of sites offering poker games. Poker, as it has transitioned into online poker, has garnered increased attention from people and is a very popular gaming option. An underrated hand in poker, pre-flop calling, proves to be very important. Most poker players are against calling before the flop, rather they prefer to raise or fold. However, it is calling which serves the best outcome compared to the other two options. 

Strategies to adopt while calling pre-flop? 

One needs to be cautious before calling pre-flop, and several tips need to be adhered to by the player. Some such tips are, 

  • One can go for calling before the flop when they are competing against players who are passive and loose. This allows floating on the flop. One can easily do this by initially calling a pre-flop and then following it up with a bet on the said flop. The passive opponents would be tempted to give up when their turn comes.
  • An excellent strategy recommended by poker pros is to use calling as a trap. This can be done when one knows that the opponent will raise to steal pots and the player has gained aces. By strategizing one’s play with occasional traps, one can gain considerable money before the flop. 
  • One must defend their button while calling before the flop. If the player has a position of the dealer button, they can use their position to trouble opponents in late position through frequent flat calls. This becomes effective when lower cards are included in the flop. These lower cards are less likely to hit a raiser’s range than hitting the caller’s range. 
  • When the opponents are likely to raise every time with enormous ranges, one can use calling to be ahead in the game. 

How not to call before the flop? 

n the pre-flop round of betting, the players have to choose one of the three options- they either have to raise, fold, or call. Not considering the call for action is irrational, the mistake which many players often make. Calling proves to be a savior in several situations. However inexperienced players often call raises way too liberally. One must call before flop only after considering all the standing factors and not call loosely.

Photo: Pixabay free for commercial use and no attribution 

Sunday, 5 December 2021

How To Win Legally At Any Casino?

The casino always makes profits, no matter how many bets you make. They usually apply for a particular house edge, which is a particular percentage of the money going into the pockets of the casino. But there is a way in which you can beat the casino and actually, it’s legal. One way is to count the cards, this technique is also called card counting and by this, you can know the cards remaining in the deck.  It can not only help you win the games but it’ll be a way where you can know which cards go to which player and if there’s a chance for you to win it. However, the casinos keep a track of such things and it was hard to do so openly but with time the technique has gone very far and players have become creative in using it. 

Business and winning 

Casinos are here to business and make money. With the house cuts, they make their cut fair and square. For eg, in roulette there the bets are placed on a single number and the chances of you getting that number are 35:1 but the truth is the odds of getting your number are 36:1 we often forget the number ‘0’ on the wheel. No matter the bet goes to the player or the casino, the house gets its square and this helps them in the long run. But there should be a winner so that casinos should run or else they would be sealed if there are no winners. 

Advantage player

This is something that most of the casinos fear. This involves players getting an edge over the house by some means which can be any illegal bets with the use of technology. In blackjack, multiple hands are played with the same deck and the hand played with one can affect the next one. If the hands dealt are of smaller value, then you can refuse to draw the cards and this forces the casino to draw following the rules, and your chances of winning go up. Card counting is, however, not legal. They can throw you out of the casino or ban you from entering the perimeter but they can’t put you to jail but it’s better to be cautious. 

People have been winning big bucks at casinos following these ways, however, casino owners hate this and they might kick you out of their place. Counting cards in Black Jack is the most popular technique. So, if you are thinking to take on casinos all by yourself, then proceed cautiously.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected Online Casinos of the World

COVID-19, the worst global pandemic in living memory has swept the globe, killing hundreds of thousands, upending our social lives, and bringing the economies of most of all countries to a standstill. 

The lockdown restrictions have seen many small and medium-sized businesses counting huge losses, several people being laid off and incomes having declined or frozen.

Surprisingly, not all businesses have been negatively hit by the epidemic. Since the pandemic started, some businesses have been making billions of shillings daily in terms of revenue and traffic. A good example of such business is online casinos, Netflix and Amazon Prime, the adult industry, online dating, cryptocurrency exchanges, insurance, and many more. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at how online casinos have pounced on this opportunity. 

Rising Interest in Online Gambling 

With so many people locked at home without much at all to focus on some reverted to online casinos as a way of killing their boredom. The pandemic has also rendered several people jobless and as such, most people have turned to online gambling as a way of making their living. 

Increased Number of Online Gamblers 

Another reason why online casinos have witnessed a boom is that plenty of seasoned players are using this time to hone their craft, whilst many newcomers are just discovering the thrilling joys of online gambling. 

Affiliates Take Advantage of the Epidemic 

Since the pandemic started, affiliates having been attracting huge traffic on their websites by writing on gambling topics associated with the epidemic. 

UK Gambling Commission Reports 

According to the report by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), there has been a rise of about 25% and 38% of the number of gamblers trying online slots and poker, respectively. All these figures have been attributed to the first couple of months of the COVID-19 crisis. Popular UK Online Casinos Lead the Way The pandemic has forced many gamblers to switch to internet casinos. This has seen popular gambling websites in the United Kingdom have been reaping a lot from this crossover. For example, Bet365 recorded a whooping of 20,500,000 gamers in action in April 2020. Other popular sites that have also reaped big include SkyBet and William Hill. 

Final Thoughts 

With no sight of this pandemic to end soon, there is no denying that online casinos will continue flourishing, even after the pandemic has subsided.

When Should You Bet Big in Blackjack?

After knowing the answer for how to play and win at Blackjack, there is the other question that’s giving gamblers sleepless nights and this is, “When Should You Bet Big in Blackjack?” Well, we have answered this question from these perspectives: 

When You Want to Adjust for the Number of Decks 

A large number of decks in play reduces the effectiveness of your count. It is therefore recommended to size your bets based on the true count. 

When the Card Count is Positive 

A deck that’s relatively rich in low cards increases the house edge. It is advisable to bet big when the deck is full of cards and vice versa. 

Progressive Betting Strategy 

The progressive betting strategy is one way to bet big when playing blackjack. In this case, an individual will double the size of his bet after a loss so that he can recoup the losses. This strategy is commonly referred to as the Martingale system and is largely used by roulette and blackjack players. 

The different types of progressive betting strategies include: 

  • Win progressions: This type of progression encourages you to increase your bet size after a winning hand. 
  • Betting progressions: With betting progressions, you increase your bet following a loss
  • Hybrid betting progressions: You increase your bets following a win 

As a Bankroll Management Strategy 

You should play Blackjack when you have a lot of Bankrolls left at the end of a gambling trip. You become conservative by setting aside all your winnings and playing with what amounted to your original bankroll. 

The most important thing to note about this strategy is that the house will still have an edge even if the house edge in blackjack is low. Therefore, if you play any game with a house edge long enough, you’ll eventually lose all your money.

Flat Bet Blackjack Strategy 

Flat betting blackjack is a conservative betting strategy that leads to a relatively low theoretical loss rate. It entails betting the same amount all the time. 

Final Verdict 

Flat betting and betting progressions are not the best way to bet big in Blackjack. This is because they don’t change the house edge against you and so, you will lose terribly in the long run. Card counting is the only betting strategy that never fails. 


Never bet big in blackjack when you are playing with money you can’t afford to lose.

Friday, 3 December 2021

Tricks used by Casino Dealers on Gamblers

As a beginner, what were your experience and feeling when you first entered a casino? That hypnotic environment made of the buzz of artificial lights, the smells, sights, and the sounds, legs of the cocktail waitresses, and other nice things must have made your memorable day. 

But casinos do all these with a deliberate move to keep you transfixed enough to continue to gamble, and squeeze every last penny from you? Let’s take a look at the several ways casino dealers take advantage of inexperienced gamblers. 

Offer Free Alcohol 

The most common tactic that casinos use to dupe inexperienced gamblers is offering them free alcohol. While you may think that they’re demonstrating hospitality and quality customer service, my friend, you’re being played. 

Alcohol will dull your senses and eventually, you will start losing your bets. Don’t be that guy who will be frog matched by bouncers simply because you have you start claiming your money from the dealers. 

Casinos Create an Oasis Where Time Doesn’t Exist 

You will rarely find a casino with windows or wall clocks. This is a diligent approach to make you spend hours gambling without realizing how long you’ve been there. 

It is a good idea to wear a wristwatch while visiting casinos. However, most casinos are controlled and so, you will not be allowed to check your phones at the games tables. 

There Are ATMs All Over 

It is very challenging to leave casinos after you have your bankroll has run dry. Without knowing that you’re overspending on the games and withdrawal fees, you’ll make several trips to the ATMs to withdraw some more money to continue playing. 

Slot Machines Dominate the Entrance and Exits 

Slot machines are designed to use visual and auditory stimulation to keep you playing. They are installed around the entrance and exits to draw your attention when you arrive and leave the casinos. 

Overstimulate Gamblers 

Casinos will do anything and everything to artificially conjure up happiness. For instance, casinos will feature big television screens, flashing lights, roller coasters, and beautiful waitresses. With all these niceties, it’s so easy to spend money you didn’t intend to. 

Final Thoughts 

As a beginner, you should be on the lookout for these tricks, and when you think it’s an excellent time to head home, stick to it, and don’t let them spoil your time there.

Thursday, 2 December 2021

How to Avoid Major Casino Mistakes

While playing casino games can exciting, fun, relaxing as well as a rewarding experience. However, this can sometimes happen oppositely. 

There are several obstacles and challenges that gamblers encounter in their day to day activities at the casinos. Both inexperienced and seasoned gamblers can lose large amounts of money if they don’t take appropriate actions against some petty mistakes at the casinos. 

To help you be on the safer side, we are going to discuss some of the 5 common mistakes most players make when gambling online or off-site and how to avoid them. 

Mistake #1: Not Knowing When to Quit Chasing Loses 

In most cases, you will be tempted to reclaim back your money after losing several bets. You will cheat yourself that placing another bet will give you luck. My friend, it better you call it a quit before your bankroll runs dry. 

Mistake #2: Not Having a Budget 

Every successful gambler must have a bankroll. However, a few people gamble beyond their casino budget and they end up using finances allocated to other activities such as bills. 

For you to have a safe gambling experience over the long term, it is advisable to allocate a certain budget for the month and always stick to it. 

Mistake #3: Choosing the Wrong Casino 

Since the gambling market is saturated with thousands of online casinos. Finding the right one, therefore, becomes a daunting challenge as many sites seem to offer the same games and services. If you’re not careful, you may end up losing your money on blacklisted or rogue casinos. 

To avoid this mistake, you should read some of our reviews about different casinos. 

Mistake #4: Giving the Wrong Details on Registration 

Because of the stigma associated with gambling, many players normally provide false information when setting up their casino accounts. Some even use VPNs to register gambling accounts abroad. This is a very serious mistake because your winnings and bankroll can be easily be confiscated if you’re caught. 

It is always a good idea to provide the correct details including your mobile numbers and email addresses. 

Mistake #5: Drinking Too Much 

Gambling while you drink is the worst mistake any gambler can ever make. Alcohol dulls your senses and also reduces your decision-making process. 

My advice to any casino gambler is to abstain completely from alcohol while gambling. However, you can take two bottles after you have won as a way of celebration. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to become a profitable gambler, then you should try to avoid any of the mistakes discussed on this page.