Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Why Mathematicians Aren’t the Richest People When Gambling Is All Probability?

As a gambler, you have come across this question on people wondering why mathematicians aren’t rich and yet gambling is a probability game. 

In this article, we’re are going to clarify this cold-hard fact surrounding gambling and mathematicians. 

There isn’t a skill in Mathematics that Can Beat a Negative Expectation Game 

Most gambling games including casinos, poker, and sports betting have a negative expectation. In gambling, no mathematical formula can be used to overcome the negative outcomes. 

A good example of this circumstance is real money roulette. In-game, you have 18 ways to win and 20 ways to lose when you bet on blackjack. 

Not All Mathematicians Are Gamblers 

There is usually confusion between mathematicians and mathematics teachers. Today mathematicians like Albert Einstein don’t exist, so this can be another reason why we don’t have rich gamblers who are also mathematicians. 

Probability Isn’t a Guarantee Anyway 

Gambling involves random events. The only thing you can do is calculate the probability of these random events. But there is any number of other factors also involved. 

There is more to Winning at Gambling than Math 

It takes more to win at gambling than just math. But if even you want to become a successful gambler, you need more than understanding how mathematics works. 

Counting Cards in Blackjack 

The statement why mathematicians aren’t rich is somehow false because counting cards in blackjack was invented by Edward O. Thorp – a math professor. It is believed that Thorp was one of the richest mathematicians who used the technique of counting cards to achieve annual returns of 20%+ for almost 30 years. 

Similarly, many mathematicians make huge profits by writing books about card counting or by developing software that acts as a tutorial for perfect video poker strategy. 

Gambling Games Are Created by Mathematicians 

Mathematician uses its probability and statistical skills to create games such as casinos and sportsbooks. Although these games look attractive, however, gamblers are almost guaranteed to lose money in the long run when they play them. 


From the above discussion about the question ‘if gambling is all probability, why aren’t mathematicians getting rich’, we can simply conclude that probability doesn’t directly relate mathematics with gambling. 

Thus, a mathematician can have the knowledge of probability in his grasp but that won’t enable him to make a winner in the game. 

This does not, however, means that you shouldn’t learn the basics of probability.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

The Rise of Mobile Casino Gambling

Mobile casino gambling has exhibited rapid and steady growth of late. More than ever, many gamblers are choosing to play casino games online from their mobile devices. 

It is anticipated that mobile casino gambling will continue expanding over the next half-decade and beyond. Land-based casinos could find themselves closing doors as a result of stiffness competition from mobile casinos. But, what are the factors behind the skyrocketing of mobile casino gambling? Here are the 5 main reasons why casino players are ditching land-based casinos, desktops, and laptops in favor of a mobile device. 

Mobile Casinos Are Supported on Most Device 

Regardless of the kind of smartphone a player is using, online casinos can be accessed easily via most mobile browsers without downloading casino apps. Thanks to the shift away from Flash-based games to HTML5 coded games which have helped overcome many challenges that used to be dominant in mobile play. 

Mobile Casinos have a variety of Games to Play 

Mobile casinos can offer a wide variety of titles and table games ranging from tables games such a poker and black to eye-catching slot machines. With thousands of options available, you just have to choose the ones that fit your gambling needs. 

Players around different corners of the world can play against one another in real-time without taking a trip. 

Because of the growing demand for live table games, mobile casinos offer players a chance to stream these games in almost any location. 

Mobile Casinos Have Appealing Features

Unlike web-based play, mobile casino games are designed with appealing features such as graphics, built-in mini-games, visuals, and sound effects that keep gamblers engaged with much frequency. 

Availability of Fast Connections

The rollout of 5G and 4G has enabled users to enjoy high-speed connection while visiting casino sites, mobile shopping, video streaming, and so on. 

Mobile Casinos Are Convenient to Use 

Because of their portability, smartphones offer a more convenient way to play online casino games than traditional PCs and tablets. You don’t need to sit behind a desktop to enjoy your favorite games. 


Other than the factors discussed on this page, increased use of virtual currencies such as Bitcoins, relaxed regulations on online gambling, and the Covid-19 epidemic have collectively played a significant role in the rising cases of casino gambling. 

Now that you have known why mobile casinos are getting a popularity spike, why not give it a try?

Monday, 22 November 2021

How Much Do Casino Owners Make?

The profit of online casinos is confidential and none of the gambling institutions will disclose the information regarding their earnings. 

Therefore to know how much casino owners make, it is important to understand how these casinos make this money. Here are the main ways casinos use to earn profits. 

People Losing Money 

Most casinos usually offer free bets for new users. They will ask you to deposit a certain amount of money to claim your free bet. After this, you can deposit additional cash whenever you require. 

New Games Are Introduced for Free 

Often, casinos will introduce new games to existing members and they’ll let them play for free within a given time. To make it even worse, casinos will offer bonuses to entice players to come back. And as players get hooked and they’ll start spending money after the bonuses have been withdrawn. 

Gambling Addiction 

Online casinos normally send out notifications to players informing them about someone who has won a jackpot. Although not many gamblers are going to fall for this trick, there will be quite a few gamblers who are addicted to gambling to start playing just to see if they can also win the same jackpot. 


Casinos make money in form of commissions collected from games such as poker. Some casinos normally take a percentage of the stakes while others charge a certain fixed fee before the players can start a round of poker games. 

House Edge 

The house edge is a technique used by casinos to earn a profit. A small percentage of money is deducted from players every time they play a game. Games such as roulette and slots contribute a bigger percentage to these profits. This formula normally gives the casino the statistical advantage. Whether a player wins or loses a bet, a casino will always win a small percentage of the player’s money. 


If you wanted to know how much casino owners make from online casinos, then the information provided on this page should be able to answer your question. 

You should also note that casino owners also incur expenses on operating their business. So their net profit is obtained after the deduction of expenses such as licensing, marketing and affiliates, salaries, and many more.

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Is It Legal to Bet on Presidential Elections in the US?

The 2020 presidential election in the US has been one of the most contested elections in the history of America. More than 1000 aspirants were vying for the presidential seat. 

In the just-concluded general elections, the former president Donald Trump has just lost to his opponent, Joe Biden. Now, back to our question, do you think it is legal to bet on presidential elections in the US? 

Yes is our simple answer here. As we speak now, thousands of punters are smiling all their way to the bank after betting on Joe Biden to win. 

One British participant just placed a stake of about $1 million on a victory for Joe Biden. According to Pete Watt – the public relations manager of Oddschecker, the Betfair Exchange had a whopping $634 million worth of wagers in this year’s election. 

The US has a long history of betting on presidential elections. Let’s address some of the things you need to know about betting on presidential elections in the US 

US Gambling and Betting Laws 

Today, many states have legalized online gambling including presidential betting and political betting in general. For example, West Virginia was the first state to legalize betting on political races. However, it made a quick U-turn on the decision, because it was breaking the 1868 state law. 

Since betting on the presidential election isn’t regulated at the state level, several gambling institutions such as sportsbooks have been allowing US bettor to wagers on presidential races. However, these gambling sites are legal and regulated from the locations where they are based, no laws are there to criminalize their operations. 

Presidential Election Betting in Vegas 

While it’s legal to place real money wagers on all sorts of sporting events in Las Vegas sportsbooks. However, you won’t find any sportsbooks in Vegas offering wagers on the presidential election since it is explicitly forbidden. 

Can You Gamble on Other Political Elections Legally? 

Apart from letting gamers bet on presidential elections, many bookmakers and gambling sites in the United States also offer different betting markets related to other political events. You can wager on political events from different regions such as Europe, Australia, Canada, and so on. 


We are hopeful that the explanations given on this page have addressed all your concerns regarding whether it is legal to bet on the US presidential elections.

Sunday, 14 November 2021

A Compact Guide on Casino Gambling

Nowadays, Casino gambling becomes more accessible than before and can be seen in every corner of the universe. Anyone can play their favorite casino games to win real money and prizes from anywhere. Online gaming options are also available now. Therefore, competition has increased amongst the players to win. 

We will provide you an extensive casino guideline here, which will help the experienced and beginner gamblers obtain essential knowledge regarding gambling and becoming an expert.

Some popular Casino games and guides to play 


  • Most popular in the USA and cheapest gambling over the world 
  • Play Cards here against the dealer, not each other. 
  • Start playing with two cards, but there is a chance for taking additional cards.
  • Scoreless than 21 or equals to and higher than the dealer, then you will win.
  • Otherwise, there will be a loss. 
  • The online version of the game is also available with the same facilities. 

Roulette wheel 

  • Another popular and great casino game for the beginners 
  • Simple game and not required higher skills to play. 
  • A dealer throws a little white ball around a spinning wheel, and you have to bet on the number where the ball is going to stop in the wheel. 
  • Try different and interesting 
  • Roulette wheel games with a variety of bets 

Video Poker 

  • Best match for the solitude player who enjoys playing alone 
  • Not requires for taking a decision and play leisurely 
  • Five cards will be given to play this game 
  • Try different versions of the game with various options. 

Slots Machine 

  • Famous and best tech version of gambling game including digital and land-based 
  • Thousands of options are available to customize 
  • People can start playing free of cost to a penny also 
  • Check out various slot machines with numerous opportunities to win 


  • Social and simple game overloaded with fun and decision-making capabilities 
  • Played with Dice by throwing and you have to bet on the different outcomes 
  • Easy to start but becomes more complex while playing deeper 
  • Try Craps with varying types of gambling to win 

Important things you need to know before play 

  • Always you need to keep in mind that it is a game of chance, either win or lose. 
  • Gambling cannot be a profession for living and not a game where you can apply your skills to win. 
  • Just impossible to beat a casino every time. You may face some losses as well.

What It Takes to Be a Casino Dealer

A casino dealer is a person who issues cards for games such as blackjack and poker or operates the roulette wheel, or assists patrons on the slot machine floor. Being a casino dealer is one of the greatest careers in the world that everyone desires to be. 

Besides their monthly salaries, casino dealers usually enjoy several benefits including tips from grateful gamblers and casino jackpot winners. 

There are certain qualifications for someone to qualify for the position of a casino dealer. Here are the general things you need to know about becoming a casino dealer. Note that these requirements might vary depending on the state. 

What Are the Requirements for a Casino Dealer? 
  • You must be a majority, usually 21 years or 18 years of age depending on the state
  • Education is a must of course. High school diploma or GED is the minimum levels 
  • You must not have a criminal record 
  • You must pass a pre-employment drug test 
  • Background and Fingerprinting checks are a must 
  • You must be flexible with working hours including nights, weekends, and holidays 
  • A friendly and outgoing attitude 
  • The ability to do simple math quickly 
  • Good hand-eye coordination 
What Are the Duties of a Casino Dealer? 

Below are also the duties of a casino dealer: 
  • Shuffling decks and dealing cards 
  • Distributing credit or chips to gamers 
  • Ensure winning hands are announced to players 
  • Verifying pay-outs 
  • Verifying starting and ending chip and cash balances 
  • Monitors and maintains fairness of the game 
  • Reports any suspicious or unusual activity 
  • Promotes positive public relations 
  • Deliver quick service efficiently
  • Maintains a clean and safe working environment
  • Sets standards under the Gaming Commission Regulations 
How Much Does a Dealer Get Paid? 

The minimum wage payment a casino dealer varies according to the duration of their shifts. For example, the median base pay for a casino a poker dealer in the United States was $18,663 and it ranged from $16,907 to $21,390 on September 26, 2019. 

Similarly, the average for a poker dealer in In Las Vegas (NV) was $19,344 and it ranged from $17,524 to $22,171. 

Also, casino dealers can increase their earnings from tips they receive from gamblers. 

What Challenges Do They Face? 

While there are many great things about being a dealer, however, there are a few downsides as well. For example, dealers stand at a table throughout the day and they’re sometimes berated by angry players. 


If you’re a people person who enjoys the casino atmosphere and can deal with the varying hours and income, then becoming a casino dealer might just be right up your alley.

Friday, 12 November 2021

Wearing a Mask in Casinos. Does It Affect Your Gambling Experience?

As casinos and gaming operations resume in several parts of the world, casinos are enforcing several Covid-19 protocols on the gambling floor to prevent further spread of the killer disease. Here are some of the anti-COVID-19 requirements and social distancing rules enforced on the gambling floor: 
  • Casinos are required to reduce capacity by 50% to avoid overcrowding 
  • There should be the minimum social distancing maintained 
  • All casino frontline workers including dealers, waitresses, and bartenders are required to undergo a COVID-19 test 
  • Gamblers are required to wear masks on the gambling floor
Now the rule that has elicited some mixed reactions among gamblers is whether wearing a mask can affect your gambling experience. In this article, we have tried to shed some light on this matter. 

Let’s take a look. 

Carbon Dioxide Toxicity 

There have been some rumors that prolonged use of face masks such as N95 respirator causes a lack of adequate oxygen in healthy people. Some people claim that a face will make you collapse at a casino table when you breathe in excess carbon dioxide. 

Others believe that wearing a mask may cause breathing problems for gamblers with severe chronic lung disease. Although this statement sounds true, however health experts suggest that wearing a face is just fine for all people, regardless of their prevailing health conditions.

Mask Can Lead to Infection

Wearing a face mask causes the exhaled air to go into the eyes. This generates an uncomfortable feeling which eventually makes you touch your face and thus contaminate your hands. If your hands are contaminated, then there are high chances that you will infect other gamblers at the casinos. 

What to Do If You Hate Wearing a Mask or Have a Medical Condition

While the points discussed on this page are just myths that masks you’re likely to encounter when gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos. To avoid all these inconveniences, consider the following options: 

Play Online Casino Games: You can play online casino games at the comfort of your home using your smartphone. You don’t have to wear a face mask to play these games. Play Live Dealer Casino Games: Live casinos let you stream live land-based games from your smartphone. Enjoy Cards with Friends Safely: You can as well invite a few friends to your home to play live games. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no need for you to worry about losing a bet because of wearing a mask. Therefore, I will advise you to adhere to Covid-19 protocols to avoid being quarantined for contracting the disease.

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Is Gambling With a VPN Illegal?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is a way of setting your device so that it appears as if it is located somewhere other than it is. 

People use VPN to access sites that might be geo-blocked in certain locations for instance, such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, tik-talk, and so on. Similarly, you can use a VPN to access a business network whilst you’re abroad or to hide your identity while browsing on a certain website. 

The question of whether it is illegal to gamble using a VPN is a tricky one. There are several countries around the world where the use of VPNs is prohibited. Countries such as North Korea, China, Russia, Oman, and Russia have criminalized VPN gambling. 

Fortunately, you can use a VPN in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. However, VPN usage in the US is subject to monitoring by the FBI and NSA. 

Before you can start using VPN to gamble, you need to evaluate the risks involved with it. Most countries take serious action against VPN violators. You risk an arrest in a country like North Korea if you’re caught illegally gambling with a virtual private network. 

Another thing to worry about using a VPN to gamble is the risk of gambling sites confiscating your winnings and bankroll if you’re found violating their T&Cs. 

Is It Worth Gambling with a VPN? 

Despite there being some challenges with VPN gambling, there are a few benefits you can enjoy. The best thing about gambling using VPN is that enjoy the world’s best gambling sites regardless of where you’re located. 

You can also get to enjoy a securer connection through VPN services. Most countries also don’t bother themselves with this matter and therefore, the risk of you being arrested is minimal. 

When it comes to gambling, the final question you need to ask is what you should be looking for in a VPN provider. Here are the things you should consider about VPN providers: 

  • The reputation of their VPN providers 
  • Do they log on which sites you visit? 
  • Their Protocols 
  • What payment methods do they allow?
  • Are the VPN provider legitimate or are they registered in a country that forces companies to share your data? 

Although you may get lucky and never get caught when gambling with a VPN, my advice is very simple, stick to casinos that are legal in your country to avoid legal repercussions.

Saturday, 21 August 2021

What does it Cost to Own a casino?

Opening an online casino is one of the most lucrative business ideas many people have thought about. Since every business set up requires a good plan to succeed, the online casino is no different. 

Apart from how much it will cost you to open an online casino business, there several other factors to consider before venturing into this promising business. Let’s find out. 

Registration of a Legal Entity 

You need a legal entity to open the bank account. The same holds when you are looking to partner with suppliers for services. 

Website and Application Creation 

For any online casino business to be successful, it needs a professionally built website where players can interact with customer support via mobile applications. The following are the elements of a great online casino website: 

  • Registration and profile management. 
  • Payment system. 
  • Customer support. 
  • Safety. Bonuses.
  • Affiliate Payments. 
Salary and Maintenance 

For your online casino business to work efficiently and smoothly, you will need to employ a team of professionals such as: 

  • IT specialists and anti-fraud specialist 
  • General and affiliate manager 
  • Designer and web developers 
  • Specialist in payment systems 
  • Accountant and bookkeeper. 
  • Content manager and copywriters. 
Marketing and Promotion 

Of course, you will need to pay affiliates who bring in high amounts of traffic. Also, you will spend quite large amounts on sponsoring sports teams and events. 

Jurisdiction and License Fee 

A license lets you host the servers on your online casino business in the respective country that issued it. Without a license, you will not be able to post anything because internet gambling may be prohibited in the selected country. 

Reserve for Payments to Players 

Reserve for payments to players refers to the amount you need to put in the bank to guarantee payments to the winners in your casino. Reserve for players should be kept in a special bank account, and it should not be used to cater to operating costs including, tax payments, operating expenses, dividends, and many more. 

Final Thoughts 

Opening an online casino business is not a walk in the park. This is a business for billionaires, and not for the faint-hearted or small business persons. It is important to do some research to understand the risks before you embark on setting up your online casino business.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Why Are Casinos Such Popular Targets for Robbers?

Casino robberies have increased over the last decade. Can you remember the story of Anthony Carleo – the armed robber who walked into Las Vegas’ Bellagio casino and made away with a whopping $1.5 million worth of chips. 

This famous story backs the fact that casinos are extremely vulnerable to robbery. So why then are they targeted? Here are the reasons. 

Millions of Dollars Are Floating Around Casinos 

Many people believe that casinos have millions of dollars spread out across the casino floors including the cages, various tables, and slot machines. And since casinos are less protected than banks, they present a lucrative opportunity that seems so tempting to criminals. 

Plenty of Jackpots Winners

Casinos have a few crooks who purposely hang out in casinos waiting for jackpot winners to be announced. They will follow gamblers out to the parking lot or back to their homes just to rob them along the way. 

It is a good idea to ask for a security escort after a big win or call the police if you feel that somebody suspicious is trailing you. 

Lack of Enough Security 

Lack of armed security guards can be another good reason why casinos create a conducive environment for criminals. Robbers usually don't feel like they are going to face down armed security. 

Additionally, Casinos are insured institutions so they don’t bother hiring security officers to engage criminals in a robbery attempt. After all, their insurance company will cover the losses resulting from robbery incidents. 

Lack of Surveillance Cameras 

Most casinos lack sophisticated technology, instead, they have poor surveillance systems with low-quality footage and bad video cameras that make it harder to investigate robberies in the aftermath. 

Gambling is Perceived as A Vice

There are several reasons why robbers feel justified when they rob a gambler or casino. First, they perceive gambling as one of the biggest vices in society, and therefore, they feel that gamblers and casinos don’t deserve to own the proceeds of gambling. 

Secondly, they feel that gambling is a form of scam that’s taking money from the gambling community, and therefore, crooks take revenge by attacking the gamblers and casinos. 

Inspiration from Ocean’s Eleven Movie 

Ocean’s Eleven is a 2001 movie that revolves around a gang of armed robbers who stole $150 million from the Bellagio. This film seems to have inspired some copycats who try to live out the Ocean’s eleven fantasies. 

Final Thoughts 

To reduce the chances of scammed or robbed at the casino, there are a few things you must do; never brag about winnings on social media, request for a security escort after winning a jackpot, and always visit a casino with a friend or two.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

How to Plan for a Casino Gambling Trip

Planning a casino gambling trip is much more of browsing the internet for the most popular casinos you would like to visit. After all, you need to set a budget, make a bankroll, decide where you’ll stay and what you’ll eat, and so on. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to properly plan for your trip for a successful gambling adventure. Here’s how to plan your first or next trip to the casino. 

Set a budget 

The most important component to any successful gambling trip, whether it’s with sports or the casino, is the setting up of a budget. You need to know much you will need to spend on airfare, accommodation, and the bets. 

A gambling budget will prevent you from funding your casino trip using your savings or money meant for monthly expenses. 

Build and Manage Your Bankroll 

Your bankroll is the amount of money you allocate for your bets. You should create a bankroll that you can comfortably afford to lose. Nothing is more important than spreading your bankroll out over the days that you will be staying at the casino. 

Book Your Air ticket, Accommodation, and Transportation 

Websites such as Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, and Trivago can help you book your hotel reservations, plane ticket, and bus or a rental car in a single bundle. 

Decide Where to Gamble 

Once you have all the main aspects of your trip set up in place, the next step is to research the best casinos where want to gamble. You can check for their reviews and maybe even look for some pictures from their websites, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

Learn How to Play Table Games 

If you’re going to be making a trip to a land-based casino, it’s advisable to set aside a few hours to practice how to play different games from online apps and table game simulators. This will help you to get your mindset in the right place. To help keep you on track, note down three favorite games you are looking to play, and never go outside that list. 

Tip of the Day 

Going on a gambling vacation is surely is a fun place to visit, but it requires some planning to have an optimal experience. Remember, the more you plan the more you will appropriately deal with unexpected headaches and nightmares associated with a casino gambling trip.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

The Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Playing at Online Casinos

Playing an online casino can bring you an unforgettable experience and fun that brick-and-mortar casinos can’t offer. You get to enjoy your favorite games in the comfort of your home, and you can even win real money along the way. 

Unfortunately, the experience of gambling online is not always as pleasant and exciting for some gamblers. This is because some people fall into gambling pitfalls for committing some common gambling mistakes that can easily be avoided. For your information, these mistakes can end up costing you dearly or causing life-long consequences. 

To keep you informed enough the next time you log in to your favorite online casino. Here are the 5 worst mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. 

1. Opening an Online Casino Account with Fake Details 

Because of the stigma associated with gambling, many people usually provide wrong details when opening an online casino account so to preserve anonymity. At some point, you will be requested to provide additional documents to confirm your identity when making withdrawals. If there are any inconsistencies, then your account and funds risk being confiscated or even permanently blocked. 

2. Playing at Unlicensed or Rogue Casinos 

Playing at an unlicensed casino online is more than throwing your money into a paper shredder. Rogue casinos tend to manipulate results to deny you your winnings. To make matters worse, shady online casinos can even run away with your deposits. It is always advisable to do a background online casino check to learn about their reputation and legitimacy. 

3. Playing the Wrong Games 

Even though losing streaks are part of the ups and downs of gambling, however, if you find yourself losing on every bet, then it’s obvious you’re playing the wrong casino game. Some of the online casino games you must think twice unless you’re an expert include Big Six Wheel, Caribbean Stud Side Bet, Baccarat Tie Bet, Keno, Roulette, and so on. 

4. Poor Bankroll Management Plan 

It is usually challenging to practice restraint when your bankroll runs dry. With the flashing bells, lights, and screams from winners, you will be tempted to withdraw from a nearby ATM to continue chasing your losses. Sadly, you will end up losing more money you didn’t plan for. It is always a good idea to set up a budget that you can live with and stick to it. 

5. Disregarding Bonus Terms and Wagering Requirements 

Welcome bonuses can be extremely attractive and may cause you to rush to make your first deposit, hoping that it will bring you easy money. This is until you try to cash out your winnings that you realize the clear layout of the wagering requirements. Reading the bonus conditions and wagering agreements will save from this exasperation and grief.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

How to Win Big at Online Roulette

Online roulette continues to attract new gamblers despite being a slow-paced game to play and make money. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best gambling tactics you can use in roulette to increase your winning odds. 

Use Roulette Bonuses 

Once in a while, online casinos offer bonuses to loyal players. You should take advantage of these bonuses to maintain your bankroll or to refund your losses. It is a good idea to a bonus before starting to play with real money. 

Choose Your Variant Wisely 

There are several roulette variants, with the most common being the European and American. The European variant is the right pick for you because it has a more RTP rate of 97.30% than the higher in the European roulette than the American. 

Play at Trusted Online Casinos

All online casinos will claim to offer similar services, therefore, ensure the game you picked is in a safe, secure, and licensed Bitcoin roulette casino. 

Know the Best and Worst Bets 

Column or outside bets will give you a higher chance of winning than the inside bets. So, it’s wise to stay away from roulette inside bets as long as possible. 

Know-How to Manage Your Bankroll 

To manage your bankroll properly, avoid placing big, risky bets. Always make smaller bets and take time to build up your bankroll. 

Play for Free First 

The beauty of online casinos is that you can learn how to play better online roulette for free before you play with real money. Once you are confident enough, you go for real money online roulette. 

Know When to Take a Break or Leave 

Roulette should be played for fun and entertainment just like other casino games. And since it’s a game of chance, you will have to lose at some point. When this happens, never gamble more to recover your losses. 

Try Out Other Online Variants 

Do not restrict yourself to the usual American or European roulette variants. You can try out other versions of games such as Spingo, Bingo, and Lotto. These other games will sharpen up your skills of playing online roulette. 

Never Play Online Roulette When Drunk 

Alcohol seriously impairs your judgment, so it’s better to play sober if you want to win big in online roulette. 

Stick to Even-Money Bets 

The best roulette bets that can earn you more money include the Red/Black, Odd/Even, or the 1-18 and 19-36 sections.

Sunday, 16 May 2021

What is the Meaning of Gambler’s Fallacy?

Gambler’s Fallacy, also known as "The Monte Carlo fallacy", is a misconception that if something has happened repeatedly over a while then it is it’s less likely to happen in the future. Understanding the gambler’s fallacy and its consequences play a crucial role in modeling a successful gambler. Gambler's Fallacy will prevent you from making certain common mistakes that have seen many gamblers losing money. 

What Are the Real Examples of the gambler’s fallacy? 

A good example of the gambler’s fallacy is when someone falsely believes that if a coin lands on heads in a consecutive row, then it must land on its tails in the next tosses. 

Another notable example of the gambler’s fallacy is the mistaken belief that if the slot machine hasn't hit the jackpot in the last hour then someone is likely to hit a big win any minute now. 

Many gamblers have incurred losses by falling into the trap of the gambler’s fallacy. For example, a rare incident occurred in a 1913 incident, at a roulette game at the Monte Carlo Casino. Since the ball had fallen on the color black in 26 consecutive times, many gamblers lost millions of dollars by predicting that the outcome of the ball would be red throughout the streak. 

Gambler’s fallacy also influences how people make decisions in matters beyond gambling. For example, many people mistakenly believe that if someone has previously given birth to babies of a certain gender, then they are likely to give birth to a kid of the opposite gender.

The gambler’s fallacy also affects how different professionals make decisions and provide judgments. For example, sports referees, loan officers, judges, psychologists, and more have been accused of giving their final judgment based on gambler’s fallacy. 

How Can I Avoid the Gambler’s Fallacy? 

People experience the gambler’s fallacy because of the imperfect way their cognitive system works. To avoid the gambler’s fallacy, you should first understand the role it’s playing in someone’s mind, and then use the events in questions to demonstrate independence. Additionally, you can implement general de-biasing techniques by using relevant examples to explain why this type of narrative is questionable.


When resolving the gambler’s fallacy, it is important to note that in some cases, a series of unlikely outcomes of events can suggest that the events in question are independent of one another or are not truly random.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

5 Casino Games to Avoid at All Costs in 2021

We live in a world where there is an unlimited number of casino games to play. While it is easy and possible to win big amounts of cash from some of these games. However, there are always a few of them that you will rarely win, but instead, they will make you blow up your bankroll in a record of time. 

To help you avoid getting yourself in the wrong casino games, we have listed below 5 main casino games you should never play, and explanations why they aren’t a good option. 

Keno or Bingo 

Keno is a game where players pick random numbers usually from 1 to 80 and wait for the winning digits to be announced. Keno entices players with huge payouts from relatively small initial wagers, but sincerely speaking, it’s harder to win any money playing keno. 

You avoid Keno at no cost because it has the worst house edge percent that goes from 20 to 30%. Additionally, the game is boring since it lacks entertainment value. 

Slot Machines 

Several types of Slot machines are installed at the exits and entrance of the casino house. The games are easy to play and have the lowest barrier to entry. However, to win a jackpot from playing slot machines, you have to spin the reel several times whereby a player loses about 15% on every spin. 

Casino War 

The casino war is a game that’s mostly played by kids or inexperienced gamblers as a way of killing time. As a professional gambler, this game is neither exciting nor worth your time and money. 

The Big Wheel 

The Big Wheels looks like roulette, however, the wheel is positioned vertically instead of horizontally. The whole wheel is also demarcated into sections that bear random numbers. To play this game, you have to guess one number and see if the wheel lands on it. You should avoid the Big Wheel because of its low odds and high house edge percent that normally ranges from 11% to 24%. 


If your main aim of going to the casino is to have fun and entertainment, then there is no harm in playing any of the games on this list. For professional gamblers, Blackjack is one of the fairest games you can consider when you visit the casino, but if you don’t enjoy it, play something else.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

10 Casino Rules That Every Gambler Should Know

Casinos offer entertainment and fun to players, as well as enable them to make some money. However, Casinos are also one of the places where you can lose all your money, after all, they’re specifically designed to make profits from people. 

There several rules that you must know before heading to any casino. Failure to this, you may end up getting yourself in casino pitfalls such as blowing up your bankroll in a record of the time or getting kicked out of a casino just because you didn’t follow certain rules. 

To ensure that you have an enjoyable, exciting, and unforgettable gambling experience at the casino, we’ve listed below some of the main casino rules you must master at your fingertips. Enjoy reading! 

1. Don’t Drink & Gamble 

It is very common for players to drink at a casino, however, alcohol drinking impairs your judgment when you consume it in excessive measures. A gambler who is intoxicated stands a chance of losing more money because they make massive and risky bets than when sober. 

2. Do Not More to Chase Your Losses 

It is common to see people gambling more to recover their losses. Stop when odds are always against you! 

3. Don’t Play at Rogue Gambling Sites 

Gambling at sites whose reputations are unquestionable is silly because you may find they don’t pay their customers or they have a habit of fixing their games. 

4. Only Gamble with the Money You Can afford to loose

It is a bad idea to gamble with money set aside for other activities such as paying your mortgage, bills, auto loan, or family upkeep. 

5. Never Gamble Without Budget Limits 

Decide how much money you want to gamble per session, day, trip, and leave when you reach the set limit. 

6. Never Submit Fraudulent Information 

During the Registering Process Legitimate casinos and gaming sites are likely to confiscate your winnings and bankroll if your credentials don’t match. 

7. Never Borrow Money to Gamble 

Gambling addicts may be tempted to borrow money to continue gambling. Some may even engage in criminal activities such as theft and forgery to get money for their gambling needs. 

8. Avoid Gambling Without Time Limits 

It is also advisable to set how much time you will need for gambling. whether you are winning or losing, you should leave when you reach the time limit. 

9. Pay Attention to Rules 

Whether you are an occasional gambler or a beginner, you need to know the rules of playing each type of game at the casino. 

10. Never Turn to Gamble to Relieve Your Emotional or Physical Pain

Gambling for reasons other reasons unrelated to entertainment can lead to serious problems.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

5 Golden Tips for Bankroll Management

Your bankroll is the amount of money you set aside either from your monthly salary or personal savings, for casino or sports betting. Bankroll management entails deciding what portion of your bankroll to allocate for each of your bets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Inexperienced and new gamblers regularly face a problem of bankroll management at the beginning of their gambling careers. They may fail to stay within their financial means and eventually end up crossing boundaries by gambling with money intended for other activities. If you are one of those fellows who are still struggling with maintaining a balanced gambling budget, here are the 5 Golden tips to help you manage your bankroll. 

Set Your Budget 

You should set the amount of money that you intend to gamble with. The size of your bankroll is subjective and will vary depending on your preferences and circumstances. 

However, it should always be an amount that you’re comfortable to lose. As a gambler, you should never bet with money allocated to living expenses such as rent, food, car payments, and more. 

Track Your Progress 

Successful gamblers will always keep diligent records of all of their wins and losses for the month. This will help analyze where your strengths and weaknesses lie in your gambling expedition. 

Don’t Chase Losses

Gambling when angry is arguably the worst mistake a new gambler can do. If you’re on a losing streak and see your money vanishing, it can be helpful to close down all betting applications or leave the casino. Don’t bet more to recover your losses! 

Stay Consistent in your Approach 

Once you’ve set up a bankroll, it is important to stick to your strengths by playing only the games you’re comfortable and familiar with. Otherwise, you risk going broke on the wrong casino games. 

Set Up Your Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Limits 

To help you manage your bankroll, most online bookmakers will allow you to set up monthly and weekly limits. This can be helpful to ensure that you never bet beyond a specific amount.

It is recommended to limit yourself to a specific number of quality bets to avoid draining your bankroll too early in the week or month. 

Final Thoughts 

Bankroll management is an essential part of profitable betting, but it’s also one of the hardest things to learn as an inexperienced gambler. By following these 5 tips, you can get assured of the best bankroll management strategy for building on your funds in an extended gambling period.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

5 Online Casino and Gambling Trends in 2020 & into 2021

The world of gambling keeps on developing and transforming at an exceptional rate. Each year comes with tons of latest and updated technologies concerning the game styles, gambling rules, and even the games themselves. 

Over the past decades, 2020 is the year that we’ve witnessed significant changes in the gambling industry. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, various trends have taken internet gambling by storm. 

In this article, we’re going to highlight the 5 main online casino and gambling trends of 2020. 

Growth of Online Gambling 

2020 has seen a significant decrease in the sum of brick and mortar casinos as many players presently like to use their smartphones to access online casinos. 

In a bid to increase competitive advantage and enhance the gambling experience of their customers, many website owners are making their sites responsive and readily available on mobile devices. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is one of the trending casino innovations of 2020. VR gives players a new sense of reality by taking their gambling experience to unimaginable heights in the world of gambling. The best example of a casino game that has adapted this technology is Poker. 

Though virtual reality is still at its infancy stages, experts predict a greater popularity increase of this amazing technology in the online gaming industry. 

The Use of Cryptocurrencies 

The use of Bitcoins and other digital currencies is another phenomenon that is taking the gambling industry by storm. Most players use Cryptocurrency to make withdrawals and deposits for some reason. Cryptocurrency guarantees anonymity and safety for players. It also eliminates third parties as well as also bank charges. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Online Gambling 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have largely been used to attract new customers and to improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, Al and ML are used to reward a fair amount of money and bonus to a winning gambler. 

Al also comes in handy to assist in suggesting new games to players as per their browsing history and previously played games. Also, due to the security concerns of online gaming, Al is used for getting rid of frauds. 

Increase in Live Casino Games 

With the introduction of fast internet speed such as 5G and 4G. Most casino websites have started offering live casino streaming so that gamblers can enjoy some of their favorite games in the comfort of their homes and have the same casino experience as in land-based casinos.


While these are only a few trends in online gambling, we hope to see more changes for a better gaming experience in the coming years. Some of the changes we anticipate include support from the government on matters to do with statutory provisions and gambling laws, and more.