Thursday, 6 October 2022

Best Approach to Casino Games

Casinos are intimidating places. One can be easily overwhelmed by a variety of games, skillful dealers, and sharp gamblers who know exactly what to do for the big winnings. It is hard for beginners to pick up their exact place in the casino gambling. Therefore, we are here to help beginner gamblers to overcome this fear and overwhelming by providing them with expert advice in this article. 

Understanding the Casinos 

Newbie gamblers must understand what they are signing up for. Many gamblers choose to gamble for profits other use it merely for entertainment. In either case, newbies should consider the importance of money and should not spend any amount on their entertainment or winnings. 

Bankroll Management 

It is also crucial for newbies to manage their bankrolls. By managing their bankroll effectively newbies can set up a successful gambling career. The bankroll should be purely meant for gambling and not taken out from other expenses. Also, it is better to leave checkbooks, ATMs, and Credit cards at home while opting for gambling. 

Rules are the Key 

Any game be it gambling or other largely dependent on rules and regulations. Before making any decision on playing casino games newbies must understand and follow all the gaming rules. For the same purpose, newbies can avail free games available at the casinos. 


After newbies are comfortable with rules, regulations, and gameplay they must focus on their strategy. Strategies can be of two types defensive or offensive. Defensive strategies are important for less losing. However, offensive strategies are useful for great winnings. In either case, players must consider their bankrolls as they shouldn’t be depleted soon. 

Time Factor 

Recent casinos are it online or virtual are designed in such a way that players should spend the most time in them. It may cause players to lose track of time. Ultimately resulting in spending more. Newbies must set a timetable for gambling hours and should stick to it. 

Casino Surroundings

As said earlier Casinos are built in such a way that they make lose players track of time. Also, the vibrant and vivid color schemes are for engagement purposes. Players especially newbies can lose control in such an environment. Therefore, it is essential to accompany yourself with some of your friends to casinos. Also, always be polite to casino staff and other players as stressed-out situations are common in casinos and can cause bigger conflicts. 

Not Short Cuts 

Casinos and their gambling games are designed to players lose. Therefore, it is vital to remember the fact that not all the games will be won. Also, big winnings take effort and perseverance. There is no shortcut to big wins rather there is a shortcut to losing big. 

Choosing Games 

The player must choose games that they feel comfortable playing, know of it, and have studied all the necessary rules of it. Also, players should choose the games that suit their personality, income, reputation, and mood. These are the best and most suggested approaches to gambling.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Actions That Will Make You Leave Casinos Immediately

Casinos across the world have clearly defined rules and all the players must adhere to them. However, these rules are not like walking on a needle or something like that but generalized. They are more tilted towards responsibility and respecting others. In this article, we will talk about some of these rules briefly. 


It universally accepted fact that cheating is banned in the casinos. However, players trying to cheat will be caught instantly and can be taken out of the casinos immediately. Furthermore, a lifetime ban in the particular casino and their sister casinos will be imposed on the player. Going forward, players may face severe criminal charges and also a felony. 

Hanging Out at Tables 

Loitering at tables is strictly prohibited in almost all casinos. This may sound harmless however this causes distractions to dealers and can cause a lack of concentration for the players. Therefore, no one is allowed near tables except players and their companions. 

Disrespecting the Casino Staff 

If players are found disrespecting the staff, casinos will not think twice before bouncing the players. The staff may include wait staff, dealers, pit bosses, security guards, waiters, and others. 

Using Smart Phones and Taking Photos

Smartphones are not banned but they cause serious issues. While the game is on players tend to answer calls or get busy with social media. This causes distraction to other players and delays in the game. Also, dealers get upset with such useless acts and it breaks their flow. Furthermore, many casinos have strict policies for taking pictures and many players tend to violet such policies. 

Taking Your Pets at Casinos 

Almost all the casinos have strict guidelines for pets and they are not at all allowed in them. However, pets are allowed in rooms but not on the casino floor. Pets can distract other players, dirty the floor, and can cause damage to the property. Therefore, they are not allowed. 

Being a Jackwagon 

Drinking is allowed on almost all the tables. However, if players are intoxicated with extra drinks, they are thrown out immediately. The casinos apply a zero-tolerance policy on Jackwagons. 

Smoking Joint and Drugs 

As far as marijuana is concerned, they are not tolerated. Also, all drugs are prohibited. Therefore, do not try to sneak in any of these items, or else you will be thrown out. 

Counting Cards 

Many casino games are card-based and counting cards can give an extra edge to players. Players can perform mathematical calculations on how the dealer distributes the cards and available players. It is considered a form of cheating. Therefore, counting cards is not a good idea at the casinos. 

Being Super Sore Loser or Winning Too Much Winning and losing are part of casino gambling. However, being sore after losing big is not a good idea. Also, making lots of money can lead to suspicion. In either case, players will be taken out of the casinos. 

Dress Code 

Casinos have dress codes and they follow this rule strictly. Therefore, if you want to be stopped at the casino entrance then you must not follow the dress code decided by casinos.

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Casino Table Games That Are More Entertaining Than Moneymaking

Casinos provide an array of games for its players. However, the common fact is that they all are meant for winnings they can make players lose a hefty amount as well. Therefore, it is primary to keep track of all the spending you do for the games. Here in this article, we will tell you fun and entertaining games that can be played with less money but for lots of joy. 

Let It Ride Poker 

The above variant of poker is one of the oldest poker games. However, in recent years it has vanished from physical casinos. Nevertheless, some casinos still make this poker available to gamblers it is widely available on online platforms. The house edge offered by Let It Ride Poker is 3.5%. As it doesn’t sound harmful in reality it does not pay you much. Therefore, it is important to play this game for fun rather than for real money. 


Craps is one of the loudest games available in the casinos. The tables on which craps are played are very exciting to see. Craps has a few bets that are winnable but apart from these few bets all others can make players lose a big amount. It has a different house edge for every game and this makes it even more exciting but a different house edge in every game means the player’s winning capacity changes drastically. Therefore, Craps must be played for virtual money and fun not for real money and big winnings. 

Mississippi Stud Poker 

Mississippi Stud Poker can let you bet a big amount that is about 10 times higher than your original bet. But here is the catch this works only when you have a good hand. So, it is entirely dependent on other players’ hands. In this game, players spend more money considering that their hand is best on the table resulting in losing big amounts. Therefore, Mississippi Stud Roulette must not players for real money as players can lose 10 times their original bets. 


Roulette is one of the veterans and widespread casino games. It has many winning combinations. One can bet on several numbers, colors, and pairs. The pairs can be Odd/Even, Red/Black, and High/Low; even players can bet on a single number and color as well. That being said the many betting options available can make players confuse and overwhelmed. Also, the house edge is pretty good for winnings for each combination but they can make you lose big as well. Therefore, roulette must be played for fun to reduce stress. 


The casinos are ways to earn money but they can lose players money as well. It is evident that only a few percent of players got wealthy with casinos. Therefore, it is important to analyze each game before opting for real money gameplay. So, we tried to make a list of games that are attractive but have dark sides to them. Furthermore, we want you to play mentioned ambling games just for fun to secure your hard-earned money.

Saturday, 23 July 2022

5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make at Casinos

Mistakes are part of the learning process and generally, we’ve all committed one or two in our gambling expeditions. However, committing common mistakes at casinos can ultimately ruin your experience. Here are the five worst mistakes you can make in the casinos. 

Drinking Too Much 

As goes by the saying that, alcohol and gambling do not mix. This statement is true because alcohol impairs your judgment and disrupt your decision-making processes. So, if you are expecting to win at the casinos, then you shouldn’t compromise your sobriety. However, if you’re going to the casino to have fun and aren’t planning to gamble much, ignore this advice. 

Making Several Trips to the ATM 

It is always challenging to manage your bankroll when you’re gambling. When you’re down, you will be tempted to make several withdrawals from ATMs at casinos to win back your money. This can be one of the most demoralizing experiences. You might convince yourself you’re disciplined enough to avoid the temptation to withdraw money. Believe you not, it’s harder to resist this temptation. 

Entering Without a Game Plan 

Entering the casino without knowing which games you want to play and how much you intend to spend is another worst mistake you can make. You may end up wasting your time on certain games that are boring and have low odds. A good example of this is playing slot machines. As compared with other games, slot machines don’t offer better odds to players. It always a good idea to focus on table games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. The three games offer the best odds and are incredibly entertaining. 

Being Too Mean to Casino Employees 

Most casino employees such as bartenders, cocktail waitresses, restaurant workers, and dealers rely on tips to make ends meet. Even if you lose or you aren’t convinced, failing to tip these people is a bad idea. 


Counting cards in blackjack isn’t cheating in casinos. The type of cheating we’re talking about here is trying to befriend a dealer as a confederate to collude at a specific game or trying to change your bet after the outcome has been determined. These mistakes can get you arrested and you might even have to serve time. 

Final Thoughts 

While these are just a few worst mistakes from the endless list. What is more important is to avoid all kinds of behaviors and activities that might ruin your gambling experience.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Casino Dice Games You Should Give a Shot

Dices are cube-shaped six-sided artifacts made with several materials. Each side has 1 to 6 dots marked on it and they originated in China around 600 BC. Initially, dice were used for fortune-telling but later used in several games. Gambling also imbibed dice for their benefit and several gambling games evolved over the period. By far Craps is the most widely recognized and played the dice game. However, this is not the end of dice yet and there are several gambling games played across the world. In this article, we will talk about all the dice games played by gamblers. 


As said earlier, Craps is the by far most famous gambling dice game. Many people believe the origin of Craps is from the English game Hazard or the French game Craps. The Craps involves a pair of dice. The bets are made on the addition of numbers derived from the two dices when rolled. However, there are some rules players need to consider while playing the Craps. It’s not always the higher sum of both the dice wins. Over the year Craps evolved into several variations. Some mentions are High Point Craps, New York Craps, Die Rich Craps, Scarney Craps, Simplified Craps, and Crapless Craps. Gamblers like to play Craps because of their high winning probability.


It is said that the Craps derives most of the characters from Hazard. Though the rules are more or less similar to Craps, Hazard is quite popular in Europe. It also involves two dices. The shooter rolls the dice to get any number between 5 to 9. If the player rolls dice and gets a larger number than the previous roll or equivalent, he wins the game. However, over the period Hazard has lost its glory and is found in limited numbers of casinos. 

 Chuck A Luck 

Chuck A Luck has its origin in Australia. It involves three dices. Players have to choose three different numbers for three different dices. Then the roller throws the three dice in the cage. If chosen numbers appear on all the three dice player wins the Jackpot. However, if a player gets one or two combinations right, he still wins. 


Klondike was played in America for years. It uses five dice. The aim of the game to win is to roll a better hand than another player. However, in Chuck, A Luck number 1 has the highest value than 6. The rest numbers have values in descending order like 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. In this game, if the player rolls the same number as the first roller, he losses the game. 

Banks Francesca

It is one of the most fast-paced dice games. It is popular with Portuguese gamblers. It has three dices. The sum of three dices is calculated in three categories Big, Small, and Ace. Sum 14, 15, and 16 contribute to Big. Sum 5, 6, and 7 contribute to Small. Ace is sum 3. 

Sic Bo 

It is an Asian dice game with two dice. It has two bets small and big. Rules are the combination of all the above games.

Monday, 6 June 2022

Guide to Professional Gambling

Do you want to make a career in gambling? or Want to be a professional gambler? Here is the ultimate guide for your questions. Surely, we are not professional gamblers but we are professional gambling writers. Over the years we have written thousands of blogs, analyzed several players, read thousands of articles, and watched many interviews and whatnot. Therefore, our intensive research leads us a few steps closer to becoming a professional gambler. So, we would like to share our wisdom with those who want to become professional gamblers. 

The Self-Analysis 

Introspect yourself about what habits and qualities you have that will make you a successful gambler. On the other hand, also make sure to notice what habits and qualities that are lacking try to inculcate them. Furthermore, if any of your traits are not feasible for the gambling profession try to change them according to need. 

The Plan 

Reading blog posts, and watching interviews are essential to becoming a professional gambler. But an important factor is how you convert your thoughts into things that work. For that, you need to have a solid plan. The plan is nothing but the incorporation of all the tactics and strategies you have learned so far. Commit and write down your plan and every step on the paper. Start with smaller goals and eventually and gradually make them bigger. 

Living and Lifestyle 

Which lifestyle is to acquire is everyone’s personal choice or dependent on several factors. However, most gamblers like to live within driving distance of the casinos. In many countries, casinos are spread across the border and it will be easier to find a place live. Also, a healthy lifestyle is important to inculcate. As gambling is a stressful profession it is important to be fit and happy. 


Anyone who wants to become a professional gambler must have money. Without money, it is hard to gamble. It’s like trying to walk without legs. It is said that money brings more money it quite perfectly suits the gambling profession. Also, gambling is based on short-term luck factors. It means chances of winning big takes patience and perseverance. For consistent gameplay money is important. 


There are several misconceptions about gambling. One of which is gamblers must know when to quit. However, according to our research, it is evident that many gamblers quit at the time of their peak. Also, quitting a particular game is dependent on other factors like how other players are playing, you are losing continuously, and so on. Such ups and downs are part and parcel of gambling and it shouldn’t bother any professional gamblers. However, when a player is tired or hungry, they must quit the game instantly as these things have psychological effects on thinking and playing ability. 

Being said that, we hope you must have liked our guide to becoming a successful professional gambler. Please consider all the aspects before betting for the gambling profession for a successful gambling career. Have great gambling ahead.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Metaverse and Casinos

Metaverse Casino - Play Now
The Metaverse has opened a new horizon of online gambling. With the use of VR gears, online gambling and Metaverse have a bright future. On top of that, there is a significant rise in virtual players than before. Metaverse offers a nearly real casino experience without leaving your place. Let’s see what is on offer these Metaverse casinos have in this article. 

What are Metaverse Casinos?

Metaverse casinos are nothing but an exceptional blend of physical and virtual casinos. Metaverse renders audiovisuals that are exactly like physical casinos but can play them online. 

Starting Point 

If players are subscribing to Metaverse with the sole purpose of gambling then they must find a good casino. A good casino means the company that is running the casino, the services provided by them, and how to get in touch with them in times of misfortune. The beginners can opt for Decentraland to get a taste and feel of casinos in Metaverse. Here casinos can be for fun and entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, before jumping deeper let’s talk about DAO. 

What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations? 

Decentralized Autonomous organizations or in short DAO are non-governmental entities that are run by an organization or individual. It means authorities don’t have any law applicable to such organizations. Players and Organizations have complete control over the game. Secondly, virtual currencies like cryptos are traded and gambled in such places. Cryptos are very volatile assets and could not be easily tracked. So, all the risks must be considered before opting for Metaverse Casinos. That being said let’s keep things moving. If players got experience with Metaverse casinos the next step is to pick the best casino available. 

Picking Best Metaverse Casinos 

First and foremost, players must check for the license of the casino they are trying to gamble in. So far very few casinos are licensed and regulated in Metaverse. One must check with Curacao for the licensed casinos on Metaverse. Secondly, players must consider payments and withdrawals. All of the Metaverse casinos run on cryptocurrencies therefore it is evident to check for available crypto wallets and their legitimacy. Also, consider crypto wallets like MetaMask for better reliability. Thirdly, security must be considered while opting for Metaverse casinos. Check whether your casino has 128-bit SSL encryption or not. 128-bit SSL gives utmost protection to users’ data. Lastly, the variety of games provided by casinos must be considered. Not all the Metaverse casino provides all the games. Some have specialties in specific games, therefore, it is crucial to find out casinos with players’ interests. In the end, players can check reviews about casinos on different platforms to validate their choices. 

List of Most Preferred Metaverse Casinos 

Decentraland Casino: It is the most versatile casino in the Metaverse. It offers almost all the gambling options. Also, it supports most cryptocurrencies. 

The Sandbox Casino: It is a tough competition to Decentraland casino. It also has NFTs and players can gamble using them. 

Other Metaverse casinos are Highstreet, Metahero, and Blacktopia. Metaverse Casinos are a game-changer.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

How to Plan for a Casino Gambling Trip

Planning a casino gambling trip is much more of browsing the internet for the most popular casinos you would like to visit. After all, you need to set a budget, make a bankroll, decide where you’ll stay and what you’ll eat, and so on. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to properly plan for your trip for a successful gambling adventure. Here’s how to plan your first or next trip to the casino. 

Set a budget 

The most important component to any successful gambling trip, whether it’s with sports or the casino, is the setting up of a budget. You need to know much you will need to spend on airfare, accommodation, and the bets. 

A gambling budget will prevent you from funding your casino trip using your savings or money meant for monthly expenses. 

Build and Manage Your Bankroll 

Your bankroll is the amount of money you allocate for your bets. You should create a bankroll that you can comfortably afford to lose. Nothing is more important than spreading your bankroll out over the days that you will be staying at the casino. 

Book Your Air ticket, Accommodation, and Transportation 

Websites such as Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, and Trivago can help you book your hotel reservations, plane ticket, and bus or a rental car in a single bundle. 

Decide Where to Gamble 

Once you have all the main aspects of your trip set up in place, the next step is to research the best casinos where want to gamble. You can check for their reviews and maybe even look for some pictures from their websites, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

Learn How to Play Table Games 

If you’re going to be making a trip to a land-based casino, it’s advisable to set aside a few hours to practice how to play different games from online apps and table game simulators. This will help you to get your mindset in the right place. To help keep you on track, note down three favorite games you are looking to play, and never go outside that list. 

Tip of the Day 

Going on a gambling vacation is surely is a fun place to visit, but it requires some planning to have an optimal experience. Remember, the more you plan the more you will appropriately deal with unexpected headaches and nightmares associated with a casino gambling trip.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

What Are the Most Popular Gaming Destinations in the UK

Brits casino players have access to many online casinos and land-based casinos, where they can put money. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting challenge. For that case, we have put together a list of the top 5 gambling avenues in the UK. 

Park Lane Casino 

Park Lane Casino, which is located on the exclusive Park Lane, offers an elegant setting for high-rollers to gamble. What You Will Enjoy: 

  • £1,000 membership fee. 
  • Provides both outdoor areas and private rooms for the ultimate gambling experience. 
  • Jewel of Mayfair, a fantastic restaurant in the Park Lane Casino, where you'll be able to sample delectable cuisine from around the world. 
  • Dreams Bar, which serves expensive, but fine wines and whiskies 
Aspers Stratford 

Aspers Stratford, the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Europe, has been thriving since the 2012 Olympics. 

This place has all sorts of games you would expect to find at a casino. One thing about Aspers Stratford is that they have the best reputation for poker. 

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • Many huge tournaments are played in Aspers Stratford every month. 
  • Monthly slot tournament, which is suitable for avid players of slots. 
  • A huge cinema hall nearby
  • Bars and restaurants within a walking distance.

Genting Casino Fountain Park 

If you are a resident of Edinburgh then, Genting Casino Fountain Park is the place to be. 

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • A huge range of classic table games such as blackjack tables, four baccarat tables, six roulette tables, and many more. 
  • Fantastic poker tournaments
  • The award-winning five-star Fahrenheit restaurant offers unique packages that incorporate the best of both worlds. 

Les Croupiers Casino 

Les Croupiers, the oldest casino in Wales, offers players from Cardiff and the neighboring towns the chance to play a fantastic game.

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • A variety of table games such as blackjack, roulette, and three-card pokers. 
  • A multitude of different slot machines. 
  • There is a spacious poker room that’s capable of accommodating 200 people. 

Rainbow Casino 

Rainbow Casino is one of the fantastic Resorts with a youthful vibe. The best thing about Rainbow Casino is that it provides free entry and therefore, you can save more money for gambling! 

What You Will Enjoy: 

  • Several table games 
  • A multitude of different slot machines
  • Apart from gambling, there's also an opportunity of enjoying delicious meals at Clarendon Restaurant. 
These are the places for you to head to when you are looking for a gambling getaway in the UK.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The Rise of Mobile Casino Gambling

Mobile casino gambling has exhibited rapid and steady growth of late. More than ever, many gamblers are choosing to play casino games online from their mobile devices. 

It is anticipated that mobile casino gambling will continue expanding over the next half-decade and beyond. Land-based casinos could find themselves closing doors as a result of stiffness competition from mobile casinos. But, what are the factors behind the skyrocketing of mobile casino gambling? Here are the 5 main reasons why casino players are ditching land-based casinos, desktops, and laptops in favor of a mobile device. 

Mobile Casinos Are Supported on Most Device 

Regardless of the kind of smartphone a player is using, online casinos can be accessed easily via most mobile browsers without downloading casino apps. Thanks to the shift away from Flash-based games to HTML5 coded games which have helped overcome many challenges that used to be dominant in mobile play. 

Mobile Casinos have a variety of Games to Play 

Mobile casinos can offer a wide variety of titles and table games ranging from tables games such a poker and black to eye-catching slot machines. With thousands of options available, you just have to choose the ones that fit your gambling needs. 

Players around different corners of the world can play against one another in real-time without taking a trip. 

Because of the growing demand for live table games, mobile casinos offer players a chance to stream these games in almost any location. 

Mobile Casinos Have Appealing Features

Unlike web-based play, mobile casino games are designed with appealing features such as graphics, built-in mini-games, visuals, and sound effects that keep gamblers engaged with much frequency. 

Availability of Fast Connections

The rollout of 5G and 4G has enabled users to enjoy high-speed connection while visiting casino sites, mobile shopping, video streaming, and so on. 

Mobile Casinos Are Convenient to Use 

Because of their portability, smartphones offer a more convenient way to play online casino games than traditional PCs and tablets. You don’t need to sit behind a desktop to enjoy your favorite games. 


Other than the factors discussed on this page, increased use of virtual currencies such as Bitcoins, relaxed regulations on online gambling, and the Covid-19 epidemic have collectively played a significant role in the rising cases of casino gambling. 

Now that you have known why mobile casinos are getting a popularity spike, why not give it a try?

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

How Do I Use My Casino Bonus on Betfair To Maximize The Total Value?

Online casinos offer great deals to their customers all around the globe. These casinos compete massively, where each one tries to be better than the rest. To do this, they often announce bonuses, rewards, cash prizes, and more. While each casino tries to become better, the customers are the ones who truly enjoy the benefit as the casinos end up offering way too many discounts and opportunities that the customers can utilize to maximize their total value earnings. By learning “how do I use my casino bonus on Betfair”, you will be able to increase your earnings easily! 

Why should you choose a casino that offers bonuses? 

Choosing a casino that offers bonuses is a great idea, especially if you are someone who wants to largely maximize their total earnings through online gambling. Earning through gambling is all about making the most out of the opportunities you are provided with. The same rule applies when you ask “why should one choose a casino with bonuses?”. It is to maximize the total value of the benefit that you acquire from gambling. By earning bonuses, you can easily wager more money and win exciting rewards easily! 

How can you use casino bonuses? 

Using the casino bonuses is simple as all you have to do for this is to visit the “promotions” page of the online casino site that you are using. The total bonus amount that you would have received would automatically get updated on this page as soon as you earn it. The progress can be checked there easily and you can also see the amount that has already been wagered and the amount that remains. From here, you can use the casino bonuses by playing the specific games that let you use your bonuses. 

What are the games that you could play to use the bonuses? 

If you want to know which games will let you utilize the bonuses in the best manner, then the method for knowing them is simple. All you have to do is to head to the promotions tab where you will see the Terms and Conditions for all the bonuses and promotions that you have earned or can earn. 

Under the terms and conditions, all the specific games that you can play to use the bonuses will be mentioned and you can then play them to maximize your earnings. 

Now that you know how to use your casino bonuses effectively, it's time to maximize your earnings easily!

Monday, 14 March 2022

Top 10 Casino Operators

If a person wishes to make money by gambling, the first word that would come to their mind is a casino. Gambling in casinos can offer an exceptional experience to the players where they can enjoy while also earning money easily. These casinos also have a luxurious ambiance that makes it more fun to visit them. 

The gambling industry is huge and various casinos are associated with it. Most of them make a lot of money, however, some of them are the major dealers. If you wish to gamble, you need to choose the casino that is right for you. It is a good idea to know about the biggest casinos in the world before you get started. 

The top 10 highest-revenue generating casino operators have been listed below. 

1. USA’s Las Vegas Sands Corp: 

This is the biggest gambling company in the world and with a net worth of $11.69 billion. 

2. MGM Resorts in the USA: 

They offer a great variety of hotels and resorts along with large casinos connected to them. They have a net worth of $9.2 billion. 

3. The Chinese Galaxy Entertainment Group: 

It is a group that owns a variety of Casinos in Macau. It has a net worth of $6.6 billion. 

4. China’s SJM Holdings: 

They used to have a monopoly in the gambling industry in Macau and also owned almost 95% of the casinos. It has a net worth of $6.34 billion. 

5. UK’s William Hill: 

They started back in 1934 when gambling used to be illegal but it is now legal and the company is thriving. It has a net worth of $5.17 billion. 

6. Caesars Entertainment (USA): 

It owns over 50 casinos and hotels across the world. It has a net worth of $4.7 billion. 

7. The Malaysian Genting: 

This group has almost 41 years of experience in the casino industry. They have a net worth of $4.6 billion. 

8. Wynn Resorts in the USA: 

They own amazing resort locations along with their gambling locations nearby. They have a net worth of $4.1 billion. 

9. China’s Melco Crown Entertainment: 

They were formed in 2003 and own a good amount of the gambling industry in Macau. They have a net worth of $3.97 billion. 

10. Ireland’s Paddy Power Casino: 

This company was formed in 2016 and has a net worth of $3.78 billion. After knowing about companies that are the largest revenue holders in the gambling industry, you can decide wisely before visiting a casino for gambling.

Monday, 28 February 2022

How to Win at Blackjack Without Counting Cards

Card counting is one of the most popular advantage-play methods in gambling. Most casino players believe that this is the only way to gain from a 0.5% to 1.5% edge over the house. 

Contrary to this belief, there are other ways you can apply to gain an advantage. Without wasting your time, let’s go straight to some of these techniques that help you to win in blackjack without counting cards. 

Hole Carding 

Hole carding is a technique of spotting the dealers’ unexposed card. By knowing the dealers down card, you are likely to gain up to a 13% advantage. 

Here are the best strategies to spot the flasher’s cards: 

  • Sit in the right position and pay close attention to every flasher’s hands. 
  • Sit at first base, usually to the dealer’s left. This position will give a view of the right-handed dealer’s hole card. 
  • Short individuals have an added advantage of being closer to the table felt. 
  • If you are a tall guy, you can lean back to improve your vantage point. 

Recommended: Don’t misuse your advantage, as some players look too suspicious. 

Shuffle Tracking 

As the name suggests, this is a way of tracking a sequence of specific cards, through multiple shuffles. When properly used, Shuffle Tracking is much more effective than card counting. 

Ace Sequencing 

Ace sequencing is one form of card tracking, where a player tries to remember type cards that are on top of the ace in the discard pile. 

Edge Sorting 

Edge sorting is an advantage-play technique where you spot flaws on card backs and then you utilize the information to predict card values before they’re revealed. 

Recommended: Edge sorting is perfect when cards are rotated through 180 degrees, as this makes it easier to view the diamond patterns. 

We are hopeful that, the above blackjack advantage-play techniques will give you a better edge than card counting. 

Final Verdict 

Since casinos are private establishments, they can lock out blackjack players. Similarly, you can be expelled if it is discovered that, you’ve gained an advantage in any form. Therefore, to avoid all these, consider the following tricks: 

  • Always play like a normal player if you do gain any form of advantage. 
  • To avoid casino detection, concentrate on a persona to use. 
  • If your edge is large enough, mess up a few plays just to look like an average recreational player.

Monday, 21 February 2022

Top 10 Best Mobile Casino Apps to Consider

If you were searching for the best mobile casino apps that pay real money, then you’re on the right page. In this article, we have come up with the best real money casino mobile apps that accept real money bets. 

Paddy Power App 

Besides offering sports betting, Paddy Power also provides a wide selection of mobile casino games. 

Why we love: 
  • Offers slots and table games 
  • More than 150 games are available on the app 
  • Paddy power gives a wide range of bonuses including a casino welcome bonus
  • Deposits can be made via the app
  • You can use similar login information on the app, desktop or sports-book 

LeoVegas App 

LeoVegas App is the “King of Mobile Casino” app that’s available on Apple and Android devices. 

What we love: 
  • The app retains the same features of the popular LeoVegas online casino 
  • Provides more than 1000 games to play 
  • Great bonuses and Easy Cash Outs on the go 
  • New app design makes navigation even easier
  • Double Winnings up to £100 
888 Casino App 

The 888 Casino is one of the most entertaining mobile casino apps available. 

What we love: 

  • The app is available for iOS and Android devices 
  • It offers more than 100 slot games as well as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat 
  • Rewards £88 no deposit welcome bonus for all app users
  • Gamblers can enjoy progressive jackpot slot machines on this app 

A great online gambling app that is perfect for on-the-go players. 

What we love: 

  • Beautiful and meticulously put together app 
  • A spectacular selection of sports 
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Unlimited access to stats 
Mansion Casino 

App Mansion Casino is one of the great apps that work seamlessly. 

What we love: 
  • Slick design
  • Once Premier League sponsors of Bournemouth 
William Hill App 

William Hill is one of the greatest casinos around the world. 

What we love: 
  • Offers Full and Partial Cash Outs 
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Provides Bonuses for first-time app users 

What we love: 
  • Superfast app for live betting 
  • Best designed mobile casino app 
  • Boosts a wide selection of sports-books 


What we love: 
  • Dedicated app for both sportsbook and betting exchange
  • Available on Android and iOS 
Mr. Green 

What we love: 

  • Great selection of jackpot bets 
  • Offers a free of £10
  • Mr. Green is a multiple award-winning apps

What we love: 
  • Sleek design 
  • Incredibly fast responses from the app 
  • Structured to be as efficient as possible

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Gambling Disorder Treatment

Gambling is a normal activity when it is done in moderation. People often do gambling as a fun activity that they like to do in their spare time. However, when people start taking gambling too seriously and can’t stop themselves from placing bets all the time, it’s called having a gambling disorder. This disorder is common and anyone can have it if they don’t put restrictions on their gambling activities. 

What is a Gambling Disorder? 

A gambling disorder is a condition when a person gets obsessed with gambling. When a person gets addicted, they keep on placing bets on the games even if they are losing. They can end up losing a lot of money if they keep up with this. Gambling addiction is a common thing and it can happen to anyone. 

Why do people get addicted to gambling? 

Gambling could be a great way to earn money but if you’re not lucky enough, you can also end up seriously losing. This is what causes the addiction. You might win a few jackpots which will make you think that gambling is the best thing ever. However, the next time, you keep losing and now you’re all worked up to get your money back. You bet more and gamble everything you have only to get your money back and the opposite of that happens. You lose everything. You get addicted to gambling and there’s no way out of this mess. 

What are the consequences of having a gambling disorder? 

When a person has a gambling addiction, they can easily fall prey to worse situations in life. Their relationships may fall apart, work-life affected, reputation going down the hill, and they still cannot stop gambling. That is what happens when you are addicted to gambling. 

In general, it can have the following consequences: 

1. Losing money, getting broke. 
2. Getting obsessed with gambling.
3. Losing your reputation. 
4. Having problems in your relationships. 
5. Legal consequences (if illegal) 
6. Losing your mind, betting everything you have. 
7. Messed up lifestyle, stress, tension, anxiety. 


The treatment for quitting gambling could be fairly simple when compared to other addictions like smoking, drinking, etc. This is because you don’t need to gamble to survive. You just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stop thinking about gambling. Avoid gambling at all and do not relapse. Some of the treatments are: 
  • Changes in lifestyle 
  • Medication 
  • Outpatient rehabilitation program 
  • Inpatient rehabilitation program
  • Psychotherapy Twelve-step program 
After taking the treatment, you can get rid of your gambling addiction and lead a healthy lifestyle all over again.

Saturday, 12 February 2022

The Best Real Money Casinos to Place Your Bets

Gambling online is a thrilling experience for all. From exciting table games to addictive slot machines, you’ll find everything at an online casino. While many casinos let you gamble for fun, even more, online establishments let you use real money to take things up a notch. 

To avoid fraud and improve your chances of winning big, we recommend sticking to reputed casinos trusted by thousands of users. 

New to the gambling scene? 

We've just what you need. The best online casinos for real money gambling listed in a single post. Sit back and relax, our team of experts has carefully skimmed through hundreds of online casinos to pick the best four options for you. 

1. Betway Casino 

The Betway online casino boasts state-of-the-art Microgaming software. It has been providing outstanding online gambling games to its hackers ever since its founding in 2006. It serves clients from many nationalities like the UK, Canada, and New Zealand other than is Americans. 

You'll get a wide variety of slot games and table games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Betway casino is one of the best options if you're looking for a real money casino. 

2. JackpotCity Casino 

Live dealers, quick payouts, and a large range of games to bet on, the JackpotCity Casino has them all. You get to pick from more than 630 games. Whether you're trying your luck on slots or a classic game of poker, our experts give JackpotCity a solid 9 out of 10. 

If you deposit $25, you'll get the chance to play with $50 as part of their deposit bonus. Additionally, you get a 100% bonus of up to $400 on your first four deposits. 

3. Spin Casino 

Previously called Spin Palace, Spin Casino was established in 2001. It is a fairly run, legitimate, certified online casino. Spin Casino has hundreds of customer reviews online that prove its supremacy in the industry. 

It is open 24/7, so you can enjoy all your favorite casino games online whenever you want. The spin casino boasts over 400 games and more than 250 slot variations. The only problem you'll face here is choosing which game to play. 

4. Royal Vegas Casino 

The last (but not the least) alternative on our list is the Royal Vegas Casino. Bettors know how glamorous gambling in Vegas is. Yet it is not practical to travel such a long distance every time you feel like gambling. According to our research team, the closest to having the Vegas experience from the comfort of your home is through Royal Vegas Online Casino. As for its reliability, the gambling giants have been functioning for almost 20 years now! 

Pick any casino mentioned above and begin an enthralling adventure. We guarantee you that the gambling experience will be next to none. So, what are you waiting for?

Monday, 7 February 2022

Receive Your Rewards Instantly With Same Day Payout Slots

There are hundreds of people engaged every day in online casinos and gaming. Apart from enjoyment, the one thing that drives their engagement is money. The desire to make money by playing online has brought half of the world in online casinos. Same day payout is another incentive that is offered by select sites making them extremely popular. 

What is meant by same day Pay Out? 

Unlike offline casinos where one can collect their due money by presenting their ticket to the cashier, in most online casinos this is not the case. It is physically impossible to receive the money on the same day as the day of winning in an online casino. Casinos that offer “same day payout” as their customer policy show that the deposits and withdrawal, which are to be made online, will be processed on the same day of winning. Receiving the money by the player would take longer, however, the withdrawal request would be dealt with on the very first day. 

Online casinos offering same day payout facility 

Same day payout is the most searched feature for online casinos. Each player who wins is eager to receive his prize money. Several online casinos provide this facility. 

Withdrawal amount effect on payout speed

The withdrawal amount determines the payout speed of the said amount. The payout speed of up to several hundred is quite quick, provided the games are being played at casinos with same day payout. In case when the withdrawal of the sum is huge, like around $10,000 or more, it is bound to take time to conduct relevant security measures. Various security procedures like identity checks, security checks have to be ensured since the amount of transfer is fairly large. 

Is it possible to receive the amount the same day as the day of winning? 

In case one funds their casino account using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, then it is possible and very probable that the funds are instantly transferred on the same day in the player’s Bitcoin wallet. When the players use Instadebit or similar service, their payout is processed instantly however the funds are available on the next day. 

Every player who plays online in casinos would like to gain as soon as possible the money he has won. The demand for same-day payout casinos is on the rise, and more and more online casino services are providing this facility under their customer service.