Tuesday 30 April 2024

5 Intriguing Facts about Religion and Gambling

Since the dawn of civilization, religion has long been used as a means to create and keep moral order in society. For instance, religion has been used to condone evil activities such as killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct, and greed. 

What about gambling? Well, this article has tried to shed some light on this matter, and here are five interesting facts about religion, and gambling. 

Gambling and Christianity 

Although not much has been said about gambling in the Bible and its many versions, however, there’s only one incident where Jesus got angry after he busted his followers in the temple, trying to engage themselves in gambling, smuggling, and bribery. 

To add to this, the Bible talks about being greed and how people should be contented with whatever they have. 

Nowadays, different denominations view gambling in different perceptions. 

According to the Catholic Church that there is no moral impediment to gambling as long as the activity is fair to both parties. On the other hand, the Orthodox and Lutheran churches firmly condemn all forms of gambling including raffles and bingo aimed at a charity. Fortunately, the Orthodox Church doesn’t blame the players. 

Gambling and Islam 

Being the second-largest religion, Islam strictly opposes all forms of gambling (haram). However, two acceptable forms of gambling were mentioned by Muhammad in the Sunan Abu Dawud. These were making wagers on arrow shooting and camel or horse racing. The two forms were condoned because they helped Muslim armies to hone their craft and strength. 

Luckily enough, you can still enjoy online gambling in some Arabic countries such as Pakistan. 

Gambling and Hinduism

According to ‘Manusmriti’, gambling, drinking, unlawful women, and hunting are regarded as being the worst sins a person can commit. 

Though most forms of gambling today are illegal in India, however, gamblers believe that good Karma is responsible for successful gambling. So, before you can embark on gambling, try a few mantras to worship Lakshmi and see if it works. 

Gambling and Buddhism 

Being more of a philosophy than a religion, Buddhism tolerates gambling, but it warns against addictive gambling. 

Gambling and Judaism 

According to Judaism, gambling is considered to be a sin because it doesn’t contribute any value to the community. Gambling also makes people abandon their responsibilities. Also, money won from gambling is termed as stolen property. 


Even if different religions are championing against gambling. This is something we should not worry about as long as we respect the rules of fair play and the others, spend our time with friends and families, and socialize.

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