Saturday 25 September 2021

Is Gambling With a VPN Illegal?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is a way of setting your device so that it appears as if it is located somewhere other than it is. 

People use VPN to access sites that might be geo-blocked in certain locations for instance, such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, tik-talk, and so on. Similarly, you can use a VPN to access a business network whilst you’re abroad or to hide your identity while browsing on a certain website. 

The question of whether it is illegal to gamble using a VPN is a tricky one. There are several countries around the world where the use of VPNs is prohibited. Countries such as North Korea, China, Russia, Oman, and Russia have criminalized VPN gambling. 

Fortunately, you can use a VPN in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. However, VPN usage in the US is subject to monitoring by the FBI and NSA. 

Before you can start using VPN to gamble, you need to evaluate the risks involved with it. Most countries take serious action against VPN violators. You risk an arrest in a country like North Korea if you’re caught illegally gambling with a virtual private network. 

Another thing to worry about using a VPN to gamble is the risk of gambling sites confiscating your winnings and bankroll if you’re found violating their T&Cs. 

Is It Worth Gambling with a VPN? 

Despite there being some challenges with VPN gambling, there are a few benefits you can enjoy. The best thing about gambling using VPN is that enjoy the world’s best gambling sites regardless of where you’re located. 

You can also get to enjoy a securer connection through VPN services. Most countries also don’t bother themselves with this matter and therefore, the risk of you being arrested is minimal. 

When it comes to gambling, the final question you need to ask is what you should be looking for in a VPN provider. Here are the things you should consider about VPN providers: 

  • The reputation of their VPN providers 
  • Do they log on which sites you visit? 
  • Their Protocols 
  • What payment methods do they allow?
  • Are the VPN provider legitimate or are they registered in a country that forces companies to share your data? 

Although you may get lucky and never get caught when gambling with a VPN, my advice is very simple, stick to casinos that are legal in your country to avoid legal repercussions.

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