Thursday 18 April 2024

The 10 Worst Types of People You Might Encounter at the Casinos

In any gambling room or casino table, you will come across people of different personalities, ages, and races. While most people are serious gamblers playing for real money, a few are just miscreants and degenerates, who can make you think twice when you’re embarking on your gambling trip. 

Fortunately, not all terrible casino-goers are equal. Some might be harmless but still finds a way to irritate you to no end. There is also that person at the casino who is hated by everyone. 

To help avoid the unnecessary altercation and fights you might find yourself exposed to the annoying behaviors of these people. We have prepared a list of 10 Worst Types of People You Might Encounter at the Casinos. 

The Know-It-All Guys 

These types of people will want you to know that they know everything.


  • They are vocal about the gameplay and will keep talking and talking
  • They know all the dealers’ names 

The best weapon against the talkative guys is to ignore and give them little attention. 

The Smelly Guy 

Although it may sound ridiculous, there is that guy at the casino who ignores his hygiene.


You should avoid sitting next to this kind of gambler. 

The Drunkards 

Most casinos have these types of people. They keep on ordering bottles of beer as they play the game. And since gambling and drinking do not mix, the drunk guy will finally reach a point where he won’t accept the outcomes of the game. 


It is not a good idea to gamble together with drunkards. 

The Violent Gambler 

Violent gamblers are the worst people to meet at the casino. The guys are usually argumentative, verbally abusive, and ready to take a fight. 


Do not argue with violent gamblers, as this is going to provoke them even more. The best solution is to avoid associating with them. 

The Gambling Addict 

Encountering a gambling addict is a terrible experience you can have at the casino. 


Avoid interacting with the gambling addict, as this kind of behavior is highly infectious. 

The Con Artist or Scammers 

The con artists are unlicensed guys who take the advantage of the innocent and inexperienced casino-goers, by offering them fake offers, such as trips and club offers. 


Always look for genuine casino dealers to transact with. 

The Racist 

The racist is fond of demeaning their fellow players by uttering racist comments. 


Avoid racists at all cost 

The Beggars 

These kinds of people are annoying. They will come to the casino not to play, but to beg money from casino winners. 

The Pessimists 

These are people who will tell you stories about getting unlucky. 

The Bitter Losers 

Gambling is a game of either losing or winning. However, there are those kinds of people who will become violent and abusive whenever they’re losing. But making everyone else at the table miserable just because you aren't winning, isn't acceptable.


Besides featuring a few troublemakers, several quality people at the casino are perfectly enjoyable.

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