Monday 5 October 2020

What Is Strange About the Casinos In Las Vegas?

Gambling is a great way to enjoy your free time and get your money doubled while you’re at it. Playing various gambling games in any casino in Las Vegas can be only a dream for most people. While this idea of gambling in a casino might seem to be great, it comes with some strange aspects that cannot go unnoticed by normal humans. Dig deeper into the truth through this list of strange facts about casinos in Las Vegas. 

Time = Money 

The casinos of Las Vegas sincerely believe that the key factor in increasing the earnings is to make people spend more time. It is a proven fact that someone who stays longer will spend more money compared to someone who leaves shortly, even if the person staying longer is poor. 

For instance, person A and person B win a bunch of money where person A is poor and person B is rich but A spends more time and B leaves shortly. After winning, person A is a lot more likely to lose money since he keeps spending more time in the casino trying to earn even more. He could lose either as much as he won or even more. Whereas, person B might leave as soon as he wins, making only a profit. 

Here, the casino earns more revenue through the poor man as compared to the rich man only because of the excess time. Keeping this in mind, the casinos do these strange things: 

1. No clocks: 

There are no clocks in these casinos. You can spend hours gambling without even realizing how much time went by. This often creates problems for those who have time limitations or have no control over their gambling habits. 

2. No Windows:

With no windows in the entire space, the casinos ensure that you won’t realize when the sun sets or in the worst case, rises. 

3. The layout:

They design the entire layout of the casino to keep you in there. The doors are nowhere to be found, you don’t know where you’re going or where the exit is, the carpet’s too bright to look at, and the only thing that you can see easily is the slot machine. 

4. The Slot Machines:

Most of the time people are likely to lose when they gamble on the slot machines as they design them in such a way that they yield rewards rarely. Gambling could be a glorious experience for many as long as you take a few precautions to avoid losing your money.

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