Tuesday 11 January 2022

Can You Play Blackjack in the US?

Is it Legal to Play Online Blackjack in the US? This is the most commonly misunderstood question among casino players. Yes, it safe to play blackjack online for real money. New York has been offering live blackjack at tribal casinos since 1993. 

While, in some states, playing online blackjack is declared illegal, prosecution of the culprits would be extremely rare. 

To help you rule out this misunderstanding, let’s bring things out into the open by clarifying the following myths. 

Online Blackjack is Not Prohibited in any Way 

While there exists a law that prohibits banks from knowingly accepting transactions that are a result of an illegal online bet. This law does not, however, define whether it is illegal for a player to participate in gambling online. 

Misinterpretation of the Federal Wire Act 

The Federal Wire Act legalizes all forms of sports betting. However, there is confusion about whether the law applies to online blackjack, as it is a different form of gambling. 

There No Specific Laws Which Apply to Online Gambling 

There is this common phrase that goes, “if it is not prohibited, then it is legal”. This means that online gambling is considered legal. 

Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are the only three states where online gambling is legalized. You stand almost no chance of being busted in these states for playing blackjack online. 

On the other hand, some states have passed stringent laws, prohibiting online gambling. They include: 

  • South Dakota 
  • Washington 
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana 
  • Nevada 
  • Oregon 
  • Louisiana 
  • Montana
  • Wisconsin 
Recommended: If you are still in doubt about these laws, you should consider playing real money online blackjack at land-based casinos. 

The UIGEA has Limited Money Deposit and Withdraw from Casinos 

Money transfer methods such as PayPal and Moneybookers do not work for Americans engaging in online gaming. US players are advised to avoid these methods at all costs. 

Recommended: If you are planning to play blackjack online in the US, we recommend you use the following methods of money transfer: debit cards, checks, automated clearinghouse, and direct bank wire transfer. Bitcoin will do much better. 

Seek Legal Advice 

Before you can engage in any blackjack online gambling, it is always recommended to consult a legal professional on matters on online games in the US. This will save you from the wrong side of the law.

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