Thursday 27 August 2020

As a Child Did You Enjoy Gambling And Sweets?

As a child I loved gambling and sweets.   

Give me a bag of penny sweets and I was happy as a child with a bag of sweets. Shrimps, cola cubes, milk bottles, flying saucers, black jacks, fruit salad and the holy grail exploding candy. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about it's because you haven't lived!

I'm sure in this modern era there are sweets that capture imagination. But as a child sweets were like a form of currency. Going back to the 70s and collecting football cards to stick in your book. Did you get some gum with them or not?

I can't remember. 

Sweets were used instead of money to gamble at school. 

Yes, I know you must be thinking which school did he go to. It was the school of hard knocks, disillusion and a limited rather than limitless life. 

On school assembly the teacher said: 3D, no more gambling is allowed at break time. The rest of the school burst out laughing and wanted to get in on the action. We had one of the teachers playing so we knew we had found a true comrade. 

So our secondary schooling was as much about the tuck shop as it was gambling and a little bit of tuition. 

This may explain why I left school with very little in the way of certificates. 

However, not one to be slowed down by adversity, I managed to achieve an Honours Degree reading Psychology just to prove all those flash F**** who went to University at the correct time weren't so intelligent after all. 

I put down my limited school education down to simply not understanding what formal schooling was all about. 

By the time I understood, it was all too late. 

Perhaps the best things are worth waiting for and to be both sides of the education from seemingly ''dunce'' to ''scholar'' gave me a little bit of wisdom. 

So if your children have a fondness of sweets (it's a certainty) and a love of gambling (not so desirable) don't threat because they may return from school with more sweets than they went. 

Your child is a winner. 

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