Friday 28 August 2020

Do You Love Retro Slot Machines?

In this modern age of technology we've never had it so good. 

You go to your local bookmakers, amusement arcade or casino and go on a slot machine that can play many and varied games. 

So, on that front, it is all good and well. 

But how do the old style one-armed bandits, slot machines or whatever you want to call them figure in your mind?

You may not have had the luxury of playing let's say an Indian Head Jenning's. As my last post mentioned, I first played such a machine (as I call them) when about ten years old. It was on a holiday camp and the arcade had at least one vintage slot machine sitting in a row of more modern types. This was the 1970s so it was the transition between old and new. The Jennings must have been a workhorse for the arcade and probably sat there for years earning its keep. 

I loved the old chrome and although the reels turned and stopped in a clunky fashion there was something special about the whole experience. 

This was before I had any idea they would be a collectors piece and fetch a premium price. I'm not sure when this classy lady was removed from the arcade but I hope she was given an overhaul and polished at little before heading to someone who would detail a bit of tender loving care. 

Rather than a ten-year-old who looking to see three bars, bells or cherries and hear the coins dropping into the trough (if that is what it's called).

In many ways, that experience gave me an interest in gambling but also the retro machines of old.

I'm not sure if you have ever played on a retro slot machine but they are an experience and the history makes every win so much different to the modern slots which have it all but lack in so many ways.

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