Saturday 29 August 2020

Is Betting Small Stakes a Good Idea?


It's something so many people do without much thought. Know, I don't want to making a sweeping statement of all of mankind but when was the last time you thought about your betting?

Sure, you may have thought about a losing run. 

You may have thought about a a winning streak. 

Those lovely thoughts. 

But it is worth stopping an assessing your betting and question what you are doing. Could you learn something from past experiences? What could you do different? You could transform your betting if only you stopped for a moment to consider what you are doing. 

It's all too easy to just carry on regardless and leave it to another day. 

As we all know, tomorrow never comes. 

I'd advise anyone not to bet for fun. There is nothing fun about losing money. There is a lot of satisfaction learning, improving, and betting with knowledge and insight. 

If you are going to bet it seems logical to start small. But, there is a lot to be said for betting more money once you build up your betting bank. 


Because you will view your gambling differently. In a more professional attitude and the greatest aspect of being a successful gambler is that you can win enough money to outweigh the cost of living. That is something few people will ever have the luxury of enjoying in life. 

Gambling isn't something you should do for fun because you need to view it in a professional manner to give it the justice it deserves. 

You have a lot to lose but also a lot to gain. 

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