Tuesday 7 December 2021

Fundamentals of Calling Pre Flop Ranges

One can easily assess the love for online poker among people by searching for play poker online, which shows up a huge list of sites offering poker games. Poker, as it has transitioned into online poker, has garnered increased attention from people and is a very popular gaming option. An underrated hand in poker, pre-flop calling, proves to be very important. Most poker players are against calling before the flop, rather they prefer to raise or fold. However, it is calling which serves the best outcome compared to the other two options. 

Strategies to adopt while calling pre-flop? 

One needs to be cautious before calling pre-flop, and several tips need to be adhered to by the player. Some such tips are, 

  • One can go for calling before the flop when they are competing against players who are passive and loose. This allows floating on the flop. One can easily do this by initially calling a pre-flop and then following it up with a bet on the said flop. The passive opponents would be tempted to give up when their turn comes.
  • An excellent strategy recommended by poker pros is to use calling as a trap. This can be done when one knows that the opponent will raise to steal pots and the player has gained aces. By strategizing one’s play with occasional traps, one can gain considerable money before the flop. 
  • One must defend their button while calling before the flop. If the player has a position of the dealer button, they can use their position to trouble opponents in late position through frequent flat calls. This becomes effective when lower cards are included in the flop. These lower cards are less likely to hit a raiser’s range than hitting the caller’s range. 
  • When the opponents are likely to raise every time with enormous ranges, one can use calling to be ahead in the game. 

How not to call before the flop? 

n the pre-flop round of betting, the players have to choose one of the three options- they either have to raise, fold, or call. Not considering the call for action is irrational, the mistake which many players often make. Calling proves to be a savior in several situations. However inexperienced players often call raises way too liberally. One must call before flop only after considering all the standing factors and not call loosely.

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