Tuesday 21 December 2021

10 Signs it’s Time to Call It Quits at the Casino

Almost everyone goes into the casinos with the main goal of walking out with more money in their pocket as well as having as much fun as possible. 

However, this can be the opposite. Gambling can become a lifetime problem in your relationship and can put a big hole in your pocket. 

Here are the 10 signs that you’ve got a gambling problem and you should call it to quit. 

You Start to Gamble with Emotions 

While casino gambling is all about entertainment, addicts might experience certain emotions such as remorse or guilt after gambling, an urge to celebrate an unrelated event by gambling, or feel irritated when you try to stop gambling. 

You Start Gambling With Money Set Aside Other Expenses 

If you find yourself gambling with the money set aside for daily expenses, call it quits. Every gambler has a bankroll, and they should gamble with only that money. 

You Prioritize Gambling Over More Important Things 

If you find yourself missing time at work or skipping your child’s function to hit the casino, then it’s a serious warning sign of problem gambling. 

You go to extremes to Fund Your Casino Bankroll 

Gambling addicts won’t stop gambling even when their pockets and bank accounts run dry. To keep funding their gambling habits, they will resort to borrowing and other criminal activities such as theft and forgery. 

You Start Chasing Losses 

It is quite common among most gamblers to place higher bets when they start losing money. They end up losing whatever little they had won so far. 

You’re Constantly Waiting For Free Drinks 

In most cases, casinos normally keep the booze flowing by offering free drinks to gamblers. If you find yourself always scavenging for free drinks, then gambling is not on your part. 

You Can’t Stop 

Gambling addicts will find themselves constantly wagering, even if they try to quit. 

You Lose Your Allotted Bankroll

It is a bad idea to make several trips to the ATMs after your casino bankroll has run dry. It’s advisable to stick to the budget. 

You Surpass Your Gambling Time 

Many responsible gamblers will set time limits and stick to it. However, gambling addicts will spend all their time loitering around the casino house. 

Your Bets Go Beyond Entertainment 

Responsible gamblers normally play for fun as well as to increase their earnings. However, gambling addicts will place their bets for other reasons such as to escape anxiety. 


If you or your loved one is experiencing any of the signs discussed on this page, it might be time to seek guidance from a health professional.

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