Sunday 26 December 2021

The Future of Casinos with Robots

There’s no doubt that they’re taking over the workforce. Today, most factories and warehouses are operated by bots. 

It has been reported that by 2030, another 20 million jobs will be replaced by Bots. The gambling industry has not been spared as robots are nowadays running gambling establishments. In this article, we have discussed some of the roles of robots in casinos. 

Drink Monitoring 

Some casinos have incorporated drink monitoring systems to determine who should get free drinks. 

AI in Poker 

If you poker is your favorite game, then you should watch out as Scientists are working around the clock to incorporate Al in poker. With Al, robots could predict a player’s next move, as well as count the odds. 

eSports and Video Games 

eSports is a competitive gaming arena where professionals battle it out in a live gaming session. 


It is like casino workers such as dealers, Cocktail waitresses, and bartenders are becoming irrelevant. For example, Encore Boston Harbor has replaced some bartenders with “EasyBar” self-service towers to help customers get beverages faster. 

The bartender’s permission is not required for the waitress to serve you drinks. Customers also do not need to wait up to an hour for drinks either. 

Tipsy Robot bar in Las Vegas uses robots to mix drinks and serve customers. At Pechanga Resort and Casino in California, surveillance robots have been used to beef up security 24/7. 

Comp Monitoring 

Many casinos are today using chips with RFID technology to monitor customers’ betting habits and track rewards. Besides, RFID chips are used to identify cheaters or gamblers who use unorthodox ways to gain an advantage over others. 

Future Roles That Bots Could Play in Casinos 

Food Preparation: Casino restaurants will be using bots to perform some menial tasks such as serving coffee, preparing sandwiches, and flipping burgers. 

Hospitality: MGM Resorts use bots to deliver towels, toothbrushes, and other items to guests upon request. 


Casino corporations will adopt self-driving cars like Tesla to ferry customers to their properties. 

Robot Dealers: 

There will be certain games like blackjack and roulette where more casinos will start with bot dealers. 


No matter how fast and efficient robots may seem to be, they will not replace all the human workforce in the casinos. They also need a helping hand from a human. To add to this, no robot can ever replace human interaction.

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