Sunday 20 September 2020

Math And Roulette: Are They Related?

Roulette is one of the most common games you see at casinos, which are heavily crowded and can be a simple way to win big bets. Though it is said to be the game of luck technically, it is pure maths and based on quite a simple principle of mathematics. So, yes, maths and roulette are related. It is not so complicated to understand the principle, but tricky to understand the maths behind roulette. 

Two types of roulette wheels 

There are two types of roulette wheels widely used in casinos and based on the area or the origin they have a similar way to play the game but a few differences that make the whole difference.  
  • European Roulette Wheel: - In this European Roulette table there are 36 numbers marked with red and black with a number zero which is uniquely colored as green. So there are 37 numbers. Now, if a bet is placed on red or black, then the probability of number ‘0’ is 0.027 landing on it 1/37. Now to the formula odds of winning subtracted from the house odds which is multiplied by the probability of winning into 100. Which gives a plain answer of 2.7 of going to the house. 
  • American Roulette Wheel: - In the American version of this table there is a slight change with the addition on one more number which is ‘00’ this directly doubles the probability of going to the house which unlike European style goes up to 5.26. Meaning there are 38 numbers in total 1-18 marked in red and 19-36 marked in black and two numbers ‘0’ and ‘00’ in between them marked with green. The probability of now landing on a green is 2/38 which is 0.052. Now, coming back to the formula, the odds of winning subtracted from the house odds which is multiplied by the probability of winning into 100. Giving you an answer of 5.26 chances of going over the bet to the house.  
However, the numbers are arranged uniquely so the chances get higher for winning, but the probability remains the same. So, unlike the European table, there is a higher chance of going your bets to the house all because of that one extra pocket or number. Though maths and Roulette are related, some other factors rule the game to some extent, therefore, try to play it as a game of luck.

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