Friday 25 September 2020

What did COVID 19 change in Casinos near you?

The COVID19 pandemic has brought many changes in every domain, gambling is no different. Casinos were closed because of the pandemic, but they are looking to become functional soon, and to do so, they need to perform certain changes. Some changes that are will surely take place in your favorite casinos are, 

Fewer people 

The biggest blow that the casinos are expecting is getting fewer players. However, they are happy with this and some casinos are proposing to allow only 25% of their original capacity to reduce any chances of transmission and maintain social distancing. 

Dividing panels

The players will sit apart from each other and flexible dividing panels will be installed between them. These dividing panels will help in maintaining social distancing and mitigate any chances of direct contact with other players and the staff of the casino. 

Some closed games

To ensure customer safety, the casino owners have kept games that involve close contact closed for the time being. The games that are closed include table games, bingo off-track betting, and poker. 

Regular cleaning

Regular sanitization of casino premises is a must and casinos are planning to use sanitized or disposal dices, disposal deck of cards, and other sanitized or disposable equipment. The place will be sanitized before and after every meeting. 


Some casinos are proposing to open themselves exclusively for their members. This means that the player count will be limited and the casino can work efficiently knowing the crowd coming to it. Reduced hours Casinos are looking to reduce their working hours. The more they are open, the more will be the chance of transmission of the disease. The casinos are looking to take all the measures to keep any infected person out of their premises and to this; they are even considering reducing their working hours. This makes the reservation of the hotel place a viable option for the visitors. 

Scanning and dining

Thorough scanning of visitors and employees will be performed when the casinos are back to work. Thermal scanning will be done for each customer, and if the temperature is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they would be requested to leave for the safety of staff and other players. With all the above changes taking place in the casinos because of the pandemic, it is highly likely that casino charges will also increase. However, these changes are a must nullify the chances of transmission and allow people to gamble normally.

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