Monday 28 September 2020

Mind Games At A Casino Table

Casinos are where games are played not just at the tables but also in the minds of the players playing. In movies and series, we often hear the phrase ‘Bring that poker face on’ what does it mean? It simply means that keep a straight face so that your opponent can’t read your thought process or emotion. This is something a regular poker player masters. But what about the mind games that are played at the table and does that work? Here are a few popular mind games played by the gamblers at the table and its effect on the opponent. 

1. All in trick: 

This is one of the oldest tricks from the book where the bluff is to be called. Here the player goes all-in on the bet confidently. Now, the opponent has to pay that same price to call the player's bluff and continue the game or save his/ her chips. Usually, it is a bluff called on a player who has been playing blind for a long time or has a few poor sets of cards challenging him to raise or give up. Most of the time the person who puts up this trick has cards and is confident about his hand or has a do or die situation, but there’s a risk and he can lose all his money. So, most of the time the player’s bluff isn’t called out, making him the winner at last. 

2. Late call and eye contact: 

At the table when the game goes into the final phases, there is an unspoken battle being fought by the players. The one who wants to put pressure usually takes long pauses and calls his bet at the last moment before the time runs out with constant eye contact. This puts pressure on the opposite person in making a hasty decision. Usually done when you have a suitable set of cards and want to increase the pool money to win big. 

How to prepare your brain to win at Casino 

Training your brain can be a tricky business. In an intense situation where a lot of money is at stake, it can get ugly. But you can train your mind for such situations and keep safe from such a mind game. Try to memorize more. This might need varying your routine but a poker face can be useful in tricky situations and can help you out in mind games from your opposition.

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