Monday 7 February 2022

Receive Your Rewards Instantly With Same Day Payout Slots

There are hundreds of people engaged every day in online casinos and gaming. Apart from enjoyment, the one thing that drives their engagement is money. The desire to make money by playing online has brought half of the world in online casinos. Same day payout is another incentive that is offered by select sites making them extremely popular. 

What is meant by same day Pay Out? 

Unlike offline casinos where one can collect their due money by presenting their ticket to the cashier, in most online casinos this is not the case. It is physically impossible to receive the money on the same day as the day of winning in an online casino. Casinos that offer “same day payout” as their customer policy show that the deposits and withdrawal, which are to be made online, will be processed on the same day of winning. Receiving the money by the player would take longer, however, the withdrawal request would be dealt with on the very first day. 

Online casinos offering same day payout facility 

Same day payout is the most searched feature for online casinos. Each player who wins is eager to receive his prize money. Several online casinos provide this facility. 

Withdrawal amount effect on payout speed

The withdrawal amount determines the payout speed of the said amount. The payout speed of up to several hundred is quite quick, provided the games are being played at casinos with same day payout. In case when the withdrawal of the sum is huge, like around $10,000 or more, it is bound to take time to conduct relevant security measures. Various security procedures like identity checks, security checks have to be ensured since the amount of transfer is fairly large. 

Is it possible to receive the amount the same day as the day of winning? 

In case one funds their casino account using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, then it is possible and very probable that the funds are instantly transferred on the same day in the player’s Bitcoin wallet. When the players use Instadebit or similar service, their payout is processed instantly however the funds are available on the next day. 

Every player who plays online in casinos would like to gain as soon as possible the money he has won. The demand for same-day payout casinos is on the rise, and more and more online casino services are providing this facility under their customer service.

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