Thursday 12 November 2020

The 6 Biggest Casino Games of All Times

People play casino games for entertainment and to win money. However, not all games offer the same winning percentage. So, gamblers love playing games with a low “house edge”.

Don’t know what the house edge is? 

Simply put, it is the statistical advantage a casino holds in any game. To maximize your chance of winning, we have put together a list of the six biggest crowd-pleasers as stated by the gambling community! 

Blackjack (Single Deck) 

When playing blackjack, the number of cards makes a big difference. The fewer the cards, the more is the probability of you winning. 

Find a single deck game to get the odds in your favor. This is because a single deck blackjack game lowers the house advantage to 1.5% only! 

This the lowest house edge we’ve come across for casino games. 


With a house edge between 1.4% to 5%, Craps offers the second-best win percent. And let’s be honest, it is among the most exciting games casinos can offer. There are many guidelines and rules that players must abide by, which often discourages beginners from trying their luck at a Craps table. 

But we say if you see a Craps table with an empty seat, give it a shot. You'll learn as you go and win more often than you'd imagined. 


This basic strategy game is easy to play and understand. Players can bet only on three things when playing baccarat–Player, Banker, or a Tie. It’s as simple as that. 

The house edge too is as low as 1.5% per game! 

Start looking for a baccarat table nearby to get in on the action right now. 

Three-Card Poker 

This poker variant has become widely popular among bettors due to its easy to learn format. And of course, the low house edge. If you're looking for a quick game of poker, we recommend playing three-card poker. 

Basic poker rules apply to this type of poker but the only difference is you'll need to make the best poker hand with three cards only. 

Video Poker 

If you read that video poker is a 0% house edge game, it's a lie. Casinos are in the business to make money. Naturally, every game has a house edge, so does video poker. The house edge varies from 0.5% to 5%. 

No matter what most people say, video poker requires strategizing too. Play a game or two to know what we mean. 


The biggest attraction in most casinos–the slot machines! 

To minimize the house advantage our only advice to you is to avoid the branded slot machines (online or offline). These machines are specially designed and more often than not they have a higher house edge than the rest.

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