Sunday 21 March 2021

What Can We Expect From Casino Gambling In 2021?

2020 will remain in history books as a year that not only disrupted the normal way of living but also made a big impact on the entire casino industry. While online casinos have witnessed tremendous growth since the epidemic, land-based casinos seem to be the losers of 2020. But the big questions are, will these trends continue in 2021? What can we expect to change as we say goodbye to this torturous year? 

With no further ado, here are some of the top casino gambling trends we should watch out for, in 2021. 

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming On the Rise 

VR-enabled casinos are taking over the casino industry as many gamers are opting to play VR games. VR-enabled casinos offer gamers a similar experience as a land-based casino. 

As more VR accessories are being availed to the general public, a significant number of casinos are likely to adopt the technology, come 2021. 

Cryptocurrency is the Future of Casino Payments 

Casinos are slowly replacing the traditional payments with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Many users are opting for cryptocurrency as a payment system because it guarantees safety. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology secure transactions against theft and hacking. 

Besides, many gamblers prefer anonymity while gambling and so cryptocurrency assures this by eliminating third parties. 

Increase in E-sports at Online 

Casinos As several live events were postponed, and others canceled due to the Covid-19 restrictions, many people resorted to virtual games and simulations as a way of passing free time and having fun. This trend is expected continue even more in 2021 and beyond. 

Brick and Mortar Casinos on a Decline 

Land-based casinos are facing stiff competition from rising online gambling sites. Today, many users are choosing to play online to avoid transport and other incidental costs incurred on land-based casinos. If this situation continues, land-based casinos could find themselves shutting down. 

Increase in Mobile and Social Gambling 

Online gambling has not been easy and convenient as with the use of mobile devices. Most mobile phones are 5G and 4G powered which provide users with an excellent gambling experience. 

The prices of smartphones are also going down and this could see many gamblers owning these devices. 

Final Thoughts 

While these are only our main trends, however, we expected more changes including new vendor promotion tactics, upgrade of slot machines, changes in legislation regarding online gambling, and so on.

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