Sunday 6 November 2022

How to Win Roulette Now

Roulette is one of the most paying casino games available. It has a Return To Player of up to 98.65%. That being said, it is also important to note that this high RTP is not sufficient to win right now. In this article, we will tell you how you can make the most of every roulette you play from now onwards. 

The Odds 

The roulette wheels and board provide a wide variety of wagers. It means players can bet on almost anything like a single number that may be the next stop for the ball in the red or black slit. All these variations are critical when players want to spice up the gambling. On the other hand, it may be confusing to players. We are providing some odds below to win right now. 

American Wheel: 

In the American wheel, the Columns and Dozens have a winning ratio of 2.17: 1 each. For Double Street, you can get 5.33: 1 winning. For Top Line, it is up to 6.6: 1. For Corner, it is 8.5: 1. For Street and Split 11.67: 1 and 18: 1 respectively. The highest them is all for Single Number that is 37: 1. 

European Wheel: 

In European Wheel Roulette Top Line is not available however all the rest winnings are almost the same with a difference of 0.10 to 1%. 

The Evens 

The pairs such as High/Low, Odd/Even, and Red/Black fall into the category of even winnings as they have a near 1:1 winning ratio. Therefore, even betting is preferred for absolute and immediate wins. 

American Wheel: 

In American Wheel the winning ratio of High/Low is 1.11: 1 and the same for Odd/Even also for Red/Black. 

European Wheel: 

For European Wheel the ratio of all three is 1.06: 1. 

Worst Bets 

If you consider any bet is the worst then here is the chance to bet on that worst bet. As roulette is unpredictable and can give maximum win for worst bets as well when you want to win right now. 

Roulette Variants

There three major variants of roulette tables are namely American, European, and French. One must consider shifting to different roulette tables for winning the right row. These different tables have slightly different rules and make maximum wins. 


The best way to win right now is to avail provided roulette bonuses. However, these bonuses come along with the string attached of rules and regulations. Once players fulfill all the obligations, they are ready to withdraw from given bonuses. 

Never Get Discouraged 

As a rule of thumb in any gambling game, it is important to have higher spirits in times of loss. This not only boosts players’ morale but gives them another chance to win big right now. Bankroll management is crucial for roulette as well. So never forget to keep track of your spending. You may not win right now but will have enough funds to carry on with your play. 


Roulette Tables are designed for higher payouts, however, such situations can allure players to bet big. On the other hand, it is not possible to win every roulette game. Therefore, considering the Odds and Evens of winnings is advised.

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