Friday 6 January 2023

What Number Hits the Most in Roulette?

Roulette is the most common yet oldest gambling game in the casinos. It is thought to be a spiritual game because of many things. It is a number game and can be played on 38 or 37 numbered wheels depending on where you play it. American Wheels have 38 numbers and European Wheels have 7 numbers. As you can see the origin of the game is superstitious. Some think even numbers are great, others think odd numbers are great. With that being discussed let’s discuss some more facts and myths behind this game. 

Fact: Randomness 

In roulette, there are said hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are those who appear several times and cold numbers are those who haven’t appeared yet in the gameplay. However, the appearances of numbers are purely random and do not hold any special criteria. Therefore, categorizing any number in Hot and Cold can give you an edge but not assure you winnings. Furthermore, many studies suggest that there is no chance that any number surely be appearing more than 1%. 

Myth: Lucky and Unlucky 

This concept depends from person to person. Some player considers some numbers lucky for them other considers the same numbers unlucky for them. Therefore, it contradicts one another. For example, if I chose number 7 as my lucky number and put a bet every time on number 7 there is only a 1% chance that I will hit the 7 number. Therefore, it is useless for me to think about any lucky number that can make me win big. 

Myth: Date 

Some people think that some dates are lucky for them like New Year or Birth Days. These people try to bet on these numbers hoping that they will win big this day and time with their considered lucky date. However, it is a myth. No one can assure any such winning and if it has happened previously that was merely a coincidence. 

Myth: Lucky Person or Belongings 

Some players have a notation that if they accompany casinos with a particular person or their favorite belongings it can make them win big. It is entirely part of a player’s superstition and has nothing to do with the real gameplay. 


Roulette is a realistic game and does not have any specific numbers that are hot or cold. Their frequent appearances are merely coincidences. Furthermore, there are no such things in casinos about lucky and unlucky belongings or people. Yes, right if you are lucky then you can win big for that particular game or for that time being and luck doesn’t last long. But it is a bad practice to merely dependent on luck. Players need to develop solid strategies to win big. Lastly, to answer the above question “What Number Hits the Most in Roulette?” it is quite simple. The hitting of any number on the roulette wheel is random and no one can predict it perfectly. Roulette is a strategic game and must be played with plans and proper execution.

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