Monday 6 February 2023

What is California Craps?

California Craps is almost the same as other Craps games. It is played on the standardized craps table like other craps. Nevertheless, the winning probability is completely dependent on how the game is played. The most popular California Craps method is the use of Ace through six of 2 different card decks having distinct color backs. After that, the 1st cards from the card deck regulate the role play. Each card denotes not only a number but a specific roll result. As dice and balls are banned in California for gambling purposes, they can be used in other ways.

In many casinos, in California, predetermined results are used to dictate the game results. Some of them use two dice colored blue and red. The blue dice are marked with number 2 and 3 and the red dice is marked with number 1 and 4. Once the dealer shuffles all the cards one card is deposited in the red box and the other in the blue box. The dice showing a higher number after roll dictates which outcome should be used further. This gameplay is not that intuitive but players get the chance to roll the dice. 

Winnings In California Craps 

The winning in this type of game is surprisingly moderate. It provides the same house edge as the dice variant of the craps. The house edge for the conservative player is 1.4 %. And for savvy gamblers, it is about 1.3 %. The dice roller does not have any control over the outcome and it benefits players. However, such gameplay diminishes the charm of the real craps. Moreover, this game does not support draws, players either win or lose the bet. 

Pros of California Craps 

The biggest benefit of California Craps is its lower house edge. A house edge lower than 2% is considered beneficial for the players. Also, it is an acceptable ROI. Furthermore, California laws prohibit many games and Craps is a way out. It is a unique version of Crap that is loved by many. 

Cons of California Craps 

The biggest con of California Craps is that no player can win this game in long run. This game-winning percentage is far less than the loss percentage. Also, selected players play this game and most of the timetables are empty. Players have to wait for several minutes so that tables get occupied and the game starts. 

The Gambling Laws, Rules, and Regulations in California 

Though California allows state lotteries, licensed card rooms, bingo, raffles, and horse race it eventually bans dice and balls from the gambling. No casino can directly use dice to play any sort of gambling game. Therefore, gambling games like faro, monte, roulette, and others with a ball or dice are strictly prohibited. 


Whether to play California Craps is a personal matter. However, it has its unique characteristics and charm that other craps lack. Therefore, we advise our readers that they should at least give California Craps a shot and then decide whether to continue playing it or not. This game has more entertainment quotient than the winning quotient.

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