Thursday 27 August 2020

Is Data King When it comes to Gambling Knowledge?

There are many ways to do the same thing.

For instance, imagine a horse winning a race. How many variations of assessment, judgment and appraisal could have been made for this given horse?

It could have been a prediction based on form. 

It could have be a prediction based on a horse trainer in form. 

it could have been a prediction based on data. 

The chances are, if you are a decent gambler, you will be making an assessment and final prediction based on all of these factors if not more. You may have a truly bizarre approach that doesn't have any relation to anything. 

Like using a lucky crystal or Tarot cards. 

However, data is something that you can use to understand future events. It doesn't mean it is a guarantee of certainty but it may lead you in the right direction. I often say to be a good gambler you need to be looking in the right direction.  

You can only see what is in front of you and the clock is ticking to the start of any horse race or sporting event. 

A lot of gamblers, in my opinion, are lazy. They do not take the time to dig a little and find the data that others will not find. You really don't need to go to the extreme to find information that sets you apart. It is as much to do with asking the right question and then you can find the answer.

Or get closer to the answer. 

You can do it. 

But it does take a little bit of work. But in my opinion data is one of the biggest and best ways to find winners. If you use data then you are closer to being a winner.

Whether we wish to accept it or not, we live in a competitive world. If you are a lazy gambler you will be betting with the crowd. 

You need to separate yourself from the field because everyone cannot be a winner. 

Data is king.

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