Tuesday 25 August 2020

Welcome to lostmycherry.com

We've only gone and done it. 

Another casino related website and the strange thing is I don't really know what it is going to say, do or where it is going to lead. 

You may be thinking, well how come? Well, the answer is that this website is going to be detailing content by our very own writer Sayan. He has written a number of posts for other websites on a rather stop-start fashion. That was my decision. However, we really need to make an impact within the casino world and for that reason we are cranking things up and we intent to have an impressive number of posts. 

In fact, we intend to have hundreds of posts on this website which will cost a considerable amount of money. 

But the best things need investment. 

Anyway, within the next few weeks you should see a number of posts uploaded and a Twitter and Pinterest page up and running. 

Thanks for taking a look and keep coming back for more interesting articles. 


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